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At Dr. Strains CBD we offer our select range of genetically superior Hemp Buds and Hemp Flower as well as a wide range of supplementary CDB products all subject to our robust quality assurance processes ensuing a premium product at affordable prices. Not only do we specialize in CBD products, but we also provide a wealth of up-to-date information pertaining to all your

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We at Dr. Strains CBD are aggressive with our pricing structure to deliver you our customers the best hemp flower for sale. Our weekly specials and exclusive discount codes are a way for you to stay up to date with our price drops.

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CBD is extracted from the flower because that is where the highest concentration of CBD is located, but CBD is not the only cannabinoid with a multitude of uses and pleasures for a wide range of purposes. From Washington state to North Carolina, already cultivated acreage is redirected to the growing Hemp bud, the industry that blooms with so much promise.

Wholesale Hemp Flower

Wholesale Hemp Flower

If you’re looking for quality, indoor or outdoor we’ve got you covered at Dr. Strains CBD.

Hemp Flower Buds

Hemp Flower Buds

Hemp buds can be used in several ways, each with its advantages and disadvantages, to administer CBD.

Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp flower is in a nut shell a diet version of thc marijuana.

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Hemp Flower is the bloom on top of the female Hemp plant.

CBD is extracted from the flower because that is where the highest concentration of CBD is located, but CBD is not the only cannabinoid with a multitude of health benefits and pleasures for both medicinal and recreational purposes. From Washington state to North Carolina, already cultivated acreage is redirected to the growing Hemp buds, the industry that blooms with so much promise.

The CBD Hemp Flowers are laden with frosty trichomes filled with terpenes that can effectuate pain relief, alleviate anxiety, and quiet skin inflammation. All the natural compounds in this Hemp bud plant restore soil just like its CBD bud restores homes and for good reason.

We at Dr. Strains CBD are aggressive with our pricing structure to deliver our customers the best hemp flower for sale. Our weekly specials and exclusive discount codes are a way for you to stay up to date with our price drops. (Subscribe at the lower end of the home page & visit our blog page to increase your knowledge.)

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Variety types


High Cbd

This type is used for the extraction of CBD oil which has a plethora of health benefits. It always has 0.3% of THC or less but may have some body psychoactive potential. With high CBD hemp strains, you will find 15% to 25% CBD content but still 0.3% or less of THC. High CBD hemp flowers will look, taste and smell like cannabis, it is still hemp so within the federal guidelines for THC content.

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The Sativa type is a plant with narrow leaves and is the most common. It generally grows in hot tropical regions, such as Central America, Africa, and Asia or in regions near the equator with long growing seasons. Sativa is the tallest known type in height. Northern Hemisphere growers can plant around mid-to-late May for a harvest of six-foot hemp flower plant. Sativa is also high in both fiber and grain but always low in THC. A variety of fiber and grain products are made from this particular species.

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The hybrid is a cross of an indica type strain and a sativa types strain. The strains are chosen for the particular color, taste, smell and amount of CBD wanted for the hybrid. The hybrid may be an even 50% to 50% split or it may be a 30% to 70% or any other percentage split.

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The indica type was discovered at a later time and flourishes in arid, mountainous regions. Many of these areas are in the hills of Afghanistan and parts of India. The type is a low-growing scrub-like plant with closed spaced leaves. It relaxes and also provides a sense of creativity. With the relaxation element, the indica type is better for evening use even though it does not give a couch lock effect but it does provide a soft relaxation. Many of the high CBD hemp strains lean to the indica type. The best of the indica type are good for sleep, pain and relaxation.

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Not only are we a No.1 ranked supplier on Google, but check out our verified purchase reviews on Leafly – highly ranked in all three areas; Quality, Service and Atmosphere.

‘It’s not just about sales, it’s about your experience, it’s about the quality of our products, it’s about everything we employ and everything we do to satisfy each and every one of our customers to keep them happy; which makes us happy’The Dr Strains Sales Team, Sept. 2022


Google rated – No 1

Vertically an integrated CBD company. Dr. Strains is your number 1 source for retail and wholesale Hemp flower. Organically grown right here in the USA. We provide quality boutique Hemp flower and Hemp buds at unbeatable prices. Same day shipping available with secured checkouts and always USPS tracking numbers with best Hemp products for sale

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Our Story so far….

Founded by our CEO Kyle, Dr Strains CBD opened doors in 2019, with the vision of offering superior grade CBD products, sustainably and ethically sourced, provided by a highly motivated and passionate workforce.

In 2019 Kyle partnered with Samantha whom by this point had developed active relationships with reputable farmers. Together, a wealth of information and ambition, they developed Dr. Strains CBD to the international online retailer we know and trust today, are able to deliver quality CBD flower and CBD products to customers worldwide.

“Your number 1 source for organically grown affordable Hemp flower” is more than a buy-line. It is truth for Dr. Strains CBD and the thousands of customers who return to buy our premium products over and over from our CBD store in Orlando.

Plans for growth

Following the success of the store’s first year of operating, Kyle and Samantha purchased their first farm to enable the second phase of developing both the products and business structure which has made Dr. Strains so successful.

The farm consists of over 24 acres of land which will be transformed over the coming 12 months to support the ethical and sustainable production of all CBD products, specialist Hemp flower and Hemp Bud produce offered via the store and online. By managing the growth of all our own CBD products, we estimate this investment to cut costs by up to 65%, of which will be used to introduce a whole new range of products and services offered (no spoilers, you’ll have to follow us for regular updates!) Dr. Strains CBD’s Facebook

It goes without saying that our vision remains at the forefront of our future development plans; to ensure that quality and affordability for our customers is a driving force embedded in our business model no matter how big we grow Our products journey start from the seed.

From seed to sale

Our products journey start from the seed. A tiny Hemp flower seed is required for all Hemp buds and CBD products that are ever produced or sold. This seed is the single most important part of the journey. These seeds are like any other seed, their genetics are important, the source of where you find this seed is important. Without proper genetics from reputable seed farmers the overall CBD produced could be inferior. Hemp flower is what is produced during the blossoming stage of the Hemp plant. In this Hemp bud lye’s the chemical CBD. This CBD is either sold in raw form (the bud or flowers) or sent to extraction labs where the CBD oils in the Hemp buds are extracted.

We at Dr. Strains CBD take our time vetting and hand-selecting our Hemp seed farmers. We understand that every seed and every strain not only requires a different environment for growth but also produces different variants. We have an established network of farmers that we work with as well as our own farming operation and we know that every farmer’s Hemp products or seeds are different. For certain products we use certain farmers ensuring that the products we sell are from experts in their field.

In the pipelines

As we continue to grow, so does our expertise and product range, over the next 6 months you can expect to see a whole range of products hitting our Dr.Strains CBD brick and online stores. We’re working not only with external professionals, with established business and products, but our in-house team who have created their own products and monitor the entire process from market research to on the floor / platform retail, utilizing the our expertise, systems and processes to bring you a range of unique products aligned to our brand quality.

Some of the products you can expect to see include:

Skin Care (Topicals) Recreation:
CBD infused Body Lotion / Oil Tinctures
CBD Rejuvenating face masks Indoor Hemp flower / Hemp buds

Products under $20

Our specially selected product range under $20 is our pride and joy. We’ve spent countless hours negotiating not only with farmers but also manufacturers of CBD related products to bring you unbeatable prices!

We fully understand the impact that Covid-19 had upon the world, but also upon you, our customers. We have created the products under $20 page for this sole purpose. Whether you’re looking for that custom boutique Hemp bud and flower or are new to the world of CBD our product under $20 pages is where you can shop our incredible offers. From CBD roll-on to actual Hemp flower on this page our prices are unmatched! Shop now


All our Dr. Strains CBD Products are packaged with care ensuring that your products arrive in good condition. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of your order being placed at a flat rate of $4.99 within the United States. Shipping includes optional insurance which will cover the entire value of your order for replacement should the worst happen. Usual delivery times are 3 – 5 business days.

Covid-19 update; Please note that during the pandemic USPS have been experiencing delays; current delivery times may vary and can take between 4-7 business days. USPS have apologized for any inconvenience caused by this.

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