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cbd#1 February Wordsmith — CBD Hemp Terpenes

#1 February Wordsmith — CBD Hemp Terpenes

CBD hemp terpenes are vitally important to you when you are considering which hemp flower to dose with whether you smoke or dry vape or create your own edibles.  We think that cannabinoids are the most important \’\’and will affect us the most. But now it is coming to light that the terpenes are impactful for the effects of the hemp flower but maybe more importantly they influence the health benefits for our bodies.



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CBD Hemp Terpenes — The Dictionary Says

Terpenes give the hemp flower is individual aroma \’\’and taste. Since Hemp Terpenes are in the hemp plant, they will be found in the CBD oil along with cannabinoids. Hemp terpenes are aromatic chemicals which are responsible for the savors of the hemp flowers when smoking or vaping with it. The terpenes are also very apparent when the hemp flower is decarboxylated \’\’and infused in edibles, in soap, c\’\’andles \’\’and other items.

The hemp terpenes are small molecules of compound isoprene produced inside the small hairs on the surface of the hemp leaves \’\’and hemp stem referred to as trichomes. Terpenes also are beneficial to the plants to protect it from from bacteria, fungi \’\’and pests.  There are many types of hemp terpenes, but the two predominant groups are – open-chain \’\’and ring terpenes.

CBD Hemp Terpenes – It’s About Those Health Benefits & Effects

There are over 200 different terpenes that can found within hemp, but they are not all in every hemp flower. CBD hemp terpenes come in at the number or 13 as the top ones found in hemp so let’s take a look at some of these.


The aroma is subtle, sweet, floral fragrance with hints of pepper \’\’and citrus \’\’and a sweet \’\’and fresh flavor.  The experience that the user can look forward to is a soothing one either day or night. Health benefits – It has the ability to reduce skin inflammation with a predisposition to act as an anti-fungal \’\’and antibiotic. One more thing, in some cases it has gastro-protective qualities.


The aroma is menthol, camphor \’\’and pungent. The flavor is bitter minty. For the user, the experience includes a calming \’\’and mild sedative so it is whichever hemp flower has this terpene will be a night strain. Health Benefits — Many have realized improved digestion blood circulation; is an effective treatment for bronchial symptoms \’\’and improves lung function bringing an ease to breathing.


The aroma is peppery, woody, \’\’and spicy \’\’and so is the flavor. The experience for the user will result in a calming effect \’\’and a delightful sense of wellbeing so it is good for day or night. Health Benefits —  anti-inflammatory \’\’and antioxidant effects. Some have had relief from pain \’\’and anxiety, seizures, \’\’and a reduction in cholesterol.


The aroma of this terpene is a lovely mix of floral, citrus \’\’and woody in nature. The flavor also is flowery \’\’and woody. The experience helps to stabilize your moods \’\’and soothes, calms you \’\’and has a slight sedative effect for a night strain. Health Benefits — The benefits are possible anti-inflammatory benefits as well as anti-fungal \’\’and anti-bacterial


The aroma of this terpene is obvious from its name. It is of citrus, lemon, orange \’\’and tangerine.  The flavor hangs on with lemon \’\’and grapefruit. Now, let’s look at the experience – it is uplifting \’\’and stress relieving \’\’and it is best for day use. Health Benefits — It has the potential to quell stress \’\’and fight depression \’\’and anxiety. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal \’\’and good news for many, it may exhibit anti-cancer properties.


This terpene is complicated with subtle floral aroma but on the other h\’\’and it sports spicy overtones. The flavor is delicate, if a flavor can be delicate \’\’and it also is a little tropical.  But it is definitely a night strain with lovely sedating \’\’and calming effects for the user. Health Benefits — It is a calming agent \’\’and alleviates stress levels.


This is a pungent fragrant aroma but it is also earthy, clovey \’\’and fruit so it has a wise \’\’and “fruitful” profile. The flavor is sweet \’\’and earthy, yes a bit simple but blends well with the wide aroma profile. For the experience, it is sedating particularly with higher levels it provides the perfect night strain. Health Benefits -Acts as an anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, \’\’and antiseptic. It can suppress muscle spasms \’\’and may be effective in treating dystonia, epilepsy, \’\’and Parkinson’s.


It is pretty obvious what this terpene savors are primarily – piney, sharp \’\’and sweet giving the experience to improve focus \’\’and memory as well. It is definitely for the daytime. Health Benefits — It has anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory benefits, an antibiotic agent effective against MRSA if working in t\’\’andem with CBD \’\’and CBN.

CBD Hemp Terpenes – Choosing the Right Hemp Flower

When you purchase your hemp flower, the COA sometimes lists the terpenes in the flower. CBD hemp terpenes are important for you to know the type of experience you will have. The terpenes mainly determine the taste, the aroma in your smoke experience. But there is another thing. The terpenes also possess health benefits which may be surprising to you, it was to me in the beginning.


“Growing Hemp Beginners Guide”

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