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hemp#1 January Wordsmith — Most Important Hemp Terpenes

#1 January Wordsmith — Most Important Hemp Terpenes

Most important hemp terpenes are almost as important as the profile of cannabinoids in any one hemp flower strain. We think of terpenes as only the element that provides the savors \’\’and definitely lends to the whole experience when hemp flower is smoked for recreational purposes.

Most Important Hemp Terpenes – The Terpene Definition

Terpenes are simple organic compounds made up of various elements on the periodic table in varying arrangements creating different scents \’\’and various health benefits. These compounds create many of the familiar scents \’\’and flavors in hemp strains as well as other botanicals.

Another explanation about hemp terpenes is the fact that they have the ability to interact with other compounds in the hemp plant in order to activate synergistic benefits. In the hemp community it is referred to as “The. Entourage Effect.”

Most Important Hemp Terpenes — The Savors \’\’and Flavors

The hemp terpenes provide a multitude of scents \’\’and flavors, each varying a little. However, for clarification \’\’and organization, hemp researchers have developed for basic classes – spicy or bitter; sour or sweet.  The aromas of terpenes can easily become complicated because of a mixture of these four categories in each one particularly when considering flavor \’\’and aroma.

Most Important Hemp Terpenes – The Terpene Factor

The next compound is the terpenes. It is common knowledge that terpenes are largely responsible for the flavor \’\’and aroma of the various hemp flowers. But what is not as well knows is that terpenes are also responsible for enhancing the therapeutic health benefits of the hemp flowers. There may be more than 20,000 terpenes in nature but only about 100 are currently known about to exist in the hemp plant.

When two different hemp plants have identical cannabinoid structures but different terpenes, the user will have two very different experiences. Terpenes have a significant impact on how the hemp interacts with the Endocannabinoid System. The amount of terpenes in the hemp flower has to do with temperature, humidity \’\’and light during the time of growth.

Most Important Hemp Terpenes — Types of Terpenes

There are many types of hemp terpenes, but the two predominant groups are – open-chain \’\’and ring terpenes.  Some divide terpenes into groups dependent only on their size rather than other characteristics. Most important terpenes also are beneficial to the plants to protect it from bacteria, fungi \’\’and pests.  Each type of hemp terpene has a particular benefit so when a certain terpene is chosen, the user will have a more predictable experience.

Most Important Hemp Terpenes – The Terpene Effects \’\’and Health

Changes in terpene varieties \’\’and content have been found to dramatically alter the physiological effects that hemp has on a user.  Most important hemp terpenes are good for energizing the body, but others are sedatives.

Alpha-pinene \’\’and Beta-pinene

The pine-like scent is most important here, but it is also the most abundant terpene in nature. Also has the scent of rosemary, dill \’\’and basil. Effective for treating asthma as a bronchodilator has a powerful antiseptic \’\’and anti-inflammatory property. Some research has shown that it can improve memory \’\’and alertness.


The aroma is subtle, sweet, floral fragrance with hints of pepper \’\’and citrus \’\’and a sweet \’\’and fresh flavor. The experience that the user can look forward to is a soothing one either day or night. It has the ability to reduce skin inflammation with a predisposition to act as an anti-fungal \’\’and antibiotic. One more thing, in some cases it has gastro-protective qualities.


The aroma is menthol, camphor \’\’and pungent. The flavor is bitter minty. For the user, the experience includes a calming \’\’and mild sedative so it is whichever hemp flower has this terpene will be a night strain.


Found in cloves, cinnamon, \’\’and black pepper, it binds directly to the CB2 cannabinoid receptors. It is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory \’\’and often-used skin treatments.


The aroma of this terpene is a lovely mix of floral, citrus \’\’and woody in nature. The flavor also is flowery \’\’and woody. The experience helps to stabilize your moods \’\’and soothes, calms you \’\’and has a slight sedative effect for a night strain.


Contains a therapeutic benefit of appetite suppressant \’\’and anti-inflammatory agent with a woody herbal smell with a bit of spice.


Also abundant, it has therapeutic benefits of reducing stress, a mood stabilizer \’\’and antibacterial \’\’and antifungal as well as reduces tumors. And, of course, has savors of lemon citrus.


It promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, eases stress, \’\’and is a mood stabilizer. It relieves pain, seizures \’\’and insomnia. And last, but not least, it has aromas of lavender.


This is the most abundant terpene in hemp flowers. It also determines whether the strain is sativa or indica. It has mango, earthy, musky savors \’\’and has health benefits as an antibiotic, analgesic.

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