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hemp flower#2 January Wordsmith — Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool”

#2 January Wordsmith — Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool”

And, yes, mom \’\’and dad \’\’and gr\’\’andma \’\’and gr\’\’andpa matter, at least their gene pool does. The hemp flower “genetic pool” was tapped into even before hemp was legalized in 2018.  Breeders were hard at work “mating” one strain with the other to get yet more CBD, a better terpene profile which gives those ever so wonderful savors. So as we look at some family trees let’s think about how important that gene pool really is, for you \’\’and for the hemp flower you decide to smoke.

Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool” – CB Dawg Hemp Flower

CB Dawg is an indica-dominant hybrid strain at 90% Indica \’\’and 10% Sativa. It has interesting great-grandparents by the name of the Sour Diesel strain \’\’and the OG Kush strain. This strain boasts the taste of orange \’\’and cherry flavor with pine. CB Dawg has a high CBD content between 13 – 16%.  The terpene profile is ocimene, limone, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene.

Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool” – Papaya Night

Papaya Night’s genetics include three parents once again which are Mango, Citral, \’\’and Ice. It st\’\’ands strong at 17% to 19.7% CBD is definitely a sativa flower with uplifting effects. As with many top shelf flowers, cultivars prefer growing them indoors. The dominant savors of Papaya Nights are ripe fruit, juice, haze \’\’and earthy. The genetics come out in the therapeutics provided. Papaya Nights is known for providing relief from pain \’\’and inflammation \’\’and the disease that ensue.

Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool” – Sour Apple

Sour Apple CBD hemp flower is Sativa \’\’and it st\’\’ands at CBD content of 15.78 %.  The living parents are Sour Diesel \’\’and Cinderella 99 for Sour Apple CBD hemp flower. These genetics leaves you motivated \’\’and focused with a sense of overwhelming euphoria \’\’and social tendencies, so it is a great strain for Friday evening party with friends.  The terpene profile is important for the savors as well as with the therapeutics \’\’and Sour Apple has an impressive display to include pinene, humulene, myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene \’\’and finishes off with limonene.

Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool” – Bubba Kush

Then there are always those “accidents”. A certain female plant called “Bubba” had an accidental event with a hermaphroditic plant of unknown genetics. The “unknown sperm donor” was given the slang name of Kush then suddenly something sensational erupted from the “unknown”. Now we have a devastating indica potency chuck-full of savors. Bubba Kush has a smell range range between the OG Kush \’\’and the Purple Hindu Kush \’\’and a triad of spices such as fennel, clove \’\’and licorice. The aromas of sweet sugar cake are memorable.

Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool” – Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom has three parents it seems which is similar to a “step-parent”. The Berry Blossom is #1 parent, followed by Cherry Pie \’\’and then the 3rd which is a bit more distant is Harle-Tsu. Even though distant, Harle-Tsu seals the Indica dominance. Cherry Blossom has a high resin bud which makes it extremely attractive.  A light relaxation of the Cherry Blossom washes away stress \’\’and discomfort.  It is uplifting \’\’and easy so makes the comfortable choice for users wanting an experience that is more of a drifting off feel. This strain promises the outpouring of happy hormones, calm \’\’and content.


The history \’\’and lineage of the Abacus strain is from Alien Sour Apple \’\’and Pebble OG.  Breeders love this strain that measures at 14 to 20% CBD. Abacus was first bred in an engineered process over a complete growing season. Because of this long breeding period, this hemp strain is extremely stable one.  The Abacus hemp flower is also tolerant to both heat \’\’and cold \’\’and resistant to mildew \’\’and mold. These traits lend well to East Coast growing environment as well.

Genetics yield purplish buds \’\’and a dark floral green along with an outst\’\’anding smell. The smell can be unexpected if you have not long been a flower smoker. Floral with a hint of musk leaves a strong impression. The flavor of the Abacus hemp strain has an earthy smokey savor with contributing tastes from the terpene-rich profile.

Hemp Flower “Genetic Pool” – Sour Space C\’\’andy

Sour Space C\’\’andy hemp strain was bred from the first parent, Sour Tsunami \’\’and the second parent, Early Resin Berry (ERB). These two parents bred a hemp flower that maintained the Sour Tsunami characteristics then also has a powerhouse of 20% CBD or more content \’\’and creates a balanced sativa / indica hybrid. The parents also provide pungent citrus \’\’and tropical flavors back ended with earthy savors.

“Genetic Pool” Last Words

The genetic pool does matter on a lot of fronts but of course we are talking now about the hemp flower “genetic pool”. A hemp flower may be indica from one parent \’\’and Sativa from another but usually one of those parents is stronger than the other so the hemp flower provides relaxation \’\’and energy. However, it will be to different degrees depending on that very important .genetic pool”.


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