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hemp2018 Farm Bill Changed the Hemp Community

2018 Farm Bill Changed the Hemp Community

“2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp community \’\’and changed it for the better. Breeding \’\’and hemp farming \’\’and CBD hemp dosing all have exploded.”


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  • The Farming of it All
  • Acreage Reports
  • Product Testing Law
  • “Changed” Last Words
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


We all know by now that 2018 Farm Bill reclassified hemp so that it is now legal to grow industrial hemp in every state in the United States on a federal level. For this, the 2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp community forever because it opened up hemp flower cultivation \’\’and brought a new stream of revenue for America’s farmers. They jumped on board as they saw the profits soar with new dem\’\’ands.

2018 Farm Bill Changed the Hemp Community – The Farming Part of It

Over 23,000 acres of the crop was grown in 2017. But as farmers realized that hemp is a more profitable crop to grow than soybeans, corn, wheat, the acreage started exploding. Some have replanted hay fields, corn fields \’\’and even soybean acreage with hemp which also leaves the soil with more nutrients than before. About 1,500 to 2,000 hemp plants will grow on one acre providing approximately $40,000 to $50,000 profit per acre.

2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp community as the dem\’\’and for CBD spread. Hemp planting, growth \’\’and harvest is a proven commodity that changes illnesses to health, unstable emotional conditions convert to a stable mood \’\’and relieves stubborn pain. This law for the CBD hemp flower enthusiasts is one law that has a growing number of “high-fivers”.

2018 Farm Bill Changed the Hemp Community – Acreage Reports

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp community \’\’and the farmers as well. But there are more regulations over the crop than other crops like corn \’\’and wheat. Hemp producers are required to file an acreage report with FSA. This is a requirement for growing under USDA-approved hemp plans as well as prerequisite for many USDA programs.

Acreage reports include the producer’s name, location, acreage, share interest in the crop, license number, intended use, \’\’and contract.  To file an acreage report, producers should:

  • Obtain a hemp production license or authorization number issued by USDA, state, or tribe.
  • File an acreage report with FSA, identifying each field or subfield on which hemp is planted including greenhouses.
  • Provide the acreage report at a time specified by your state, tribal or federal regulations or licensing requirements; or immediately after planting to remain in compliance with federal \’\’and state law enforcement.
  • Identify the intended use of the hemp being reported.

2018 Farm Bill Changed the Hemp Community – Product Testing Law

CBD hemp flower law also covers how the crop is tested because some states test the top 8 inches of a plant \’\’and others test 6 inches.  This could make a different in the overall testing process. And the testing is to be 15 days prior to anticipated harvest but what if there is a backlog at the testing site prohibiting the harvest to go forward?

THC levels can increase in the last days of harvest so is the 15 days prior really an accurate testing.  Some harvesting times involve multiple days so the 15 days prior to harvest is an approximation. The cannabis hemp plant may become unexpected pollination as pollen can travel for miles with too much pollination or sexual reproduction, the crop turns hot. At that point the hemp plant is now a marijuana plant \’\’and it is also illegal because it is charged with high levels of THC.  Even so, CBD can still be extracted from the “hot crop” but it may be contaminated with THC if the extraction is improperly completed. The law requires the farmer to destroy the “hot crop”.

2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp community for good even though there are a fair number of rules \’\’and regulations along with tests required federally or state specific.  The CBD hemp flower will have the Certificate of Analysis (COA) to go with each product they sell from a 3rd party seller.

“Changed” Last

2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp community There have been a great number of CBD hemp flower law written \’\’and passed. The must important of course was the 2018 Farm Bill. Now, on a federal level, hemp is here to stay \’\’and that is good news to many, many people.

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp community as farmers, breeders, manufacturers, etc sprang into action.


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