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cbd2018 Farm Bill Law for the CBD Hemp Flower Enthusiasts

2018 Farm Bill Law for the CBD Hemp Flower Enthusiasts

History is probably not your favorite thing \’\’and law is further into things you really do not like. So, let’s make the “history” of it \’\’and the “law” of it all as minuscule as possible. This is a law for hemp flower enthusiasts with benefits recreationally \’\’and medicinally.

There is a point in history, December 2018, \’\’and one law passed, the 2018 Farm Bill, for hemp flower enthusiasts to change everything for you. It gave those disenchanted with pharmaceuticals, a chance at healing powers. CBD, terpenes, flavonoids \’\’and all the other cannabinoids may heal \’\’and renew your body, mind \’\’and spirit.

2018 Farm Bill reclassified hemp so that it is now legal to grow in every state in the United States. As long as the hemp crop has less than 0.3% THC it is removed from Schedule I controlled substances. Hemp cultivation is now as other agricultural commodities so they are eligible for Crop Insurance \’\’and other financial protections.

2018 Farm Bill Law for CBD Hemp Enthusiasts Makes Hemp Available

On December 20, 2018, these provisions became law for hemp flower enthusiasts in hemp communities all over the world. The hemp cultivator grows what can turn your health around \’\’and provide legal “smoking” pleasures from morning to evening..

Acreage Reports

The 2018 Farm Bill law for the CBD hemp flower enthusiasts has some regulations \’\’and reporting \’\’and guidelines which the hemp cultivator must follow. The law requires hemp producers to file an acreage report with FSA. This is a requirement for growing under USDA-approved hemp plans as well as prerequisite for many USDA programs. Acreage reports include the producer’s name, location, acreage, share interest in the crop, license number, intended use, \’\’and contract.  To file an acreage report, producers should:

  • Obtain a hemp production license or authorization number
  • File an acreage report with FSA, identifying each field or sub-field on which hemp is planted including greenhouses.
  • Provide the acreage report  to remain in compliance.
  • Identify the intended use of the hemp being reported.

Fiber — cloth, pressed plastics, ropes, animal bedding, paper, biofuel, packaging is one of the many uses.

Hemp for Cannabidiol (CBD) — extraction \’\’and other phytocannabinoids for oils, lotions, cleansers, bath or topical products.

Grain — hemp hearts, crushed seed oil as well as for protein supplements.

Hemp for Seed — hemp cultivators can plant more fields \’\’and make more hybrids.

Producers must provide notice to their insurance company within 72 hours stating the results of the THC testing for the acreage or the harvest.  Hemp with THC above the federal legal level is not an insurable cause of loss.

Production Plans \’\’and Approved Licenses

Once the proper authority approves production plans \’\’and issues licenses, hemp producers have eligibility for many USDA programs offered in any current year.

  • Farm Loans Hemp producers are eligible for FSA farm loans;
  • Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program The Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) have more availability for eligible hemp producers with insurance coverage due to adverse weather.

Crop Insurance — MPCI

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) provides coverage against loss if hemp is grown for fiber, grain or Cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The MPCI pilot insurance program is available for hemp grown for fiber, grain, or CBD oil for the 2020 crop year in some counties in 21 states. The hemp cultivators with a license to grow hemp \’\’and with compliance with applicable state, tribal, or federal regulations according to the 2018 Farm Bill are eligible for crop insurance.

“History \’\’and Law” for Hemp Flower Enthusiasts

Hemp is a very profitable crop which farmers. Some replant hay fields, corn fields \’\’and even soybean acreage with hemp which leaves the soil with more nutrients than before. Hemp is a proven commodity that changes illnesses to health, unstable emotional conditions to a stable mood \’\’and relieves stubborn pain. This drives dem\’\’and. This law for the CBD hemp flower enthusiasts is one law that receives a growing number of “high-fivers”.

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