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4 Ways to Spot Fake CBD Oil

We are talking fake today, not real, not pure, not natural, no, fake is the topic of conversation. But then you need to know how to spot fake CBD oil that is unfortunately on the shelf of many vendors. It is real that many, many people have had life altering health changes for the better because of CBD oil or CBD hemp flower. It is safe for consumption for adults \’\’and children.

CBD is safe but synthetically lab-produced cannabinoids made into CBD oil, may not be safe because it is fake. It is also not safe because fake CBD oil has the potential of containing contaminants or higher levels of THC than 0.3% which the 2018 Farm Bill allows. Fake CBD oil could make you very sick, cause you to fail a drug test \’\’and more than that, it cannot bring health to your body. Why? Because it is fake.

Ways to Spot Fake CBD Oil — Unscrupulous of it All

Unscrupulous cannabis growers \’\’and unlicensed \’\’and unqualified CBD oil manufacturers are taking advantage everything possible because they want to make money but do not care about the fact that an unaware consumer will not have the opportunity to experience health \’\’and more than that, a consumer could have bad side effects.

# 1 Way to Spot Fake CBD Oil – No Certificate of Analysis

People practice lying so that they can do it undetected. This is cruel to the consumer \’\’and it hurts the rest of the CBD hemp flower industry. The consumer is hurt, many times harmed \’\’and sadly feel duped.

The CDC calls fake CBD oil, dangerous designer drugs That is accurate because they are designed in a lab \’\’and they are not regulated or tested for purity \’\’and accuracy, so they are dangerous. 3rd party testing is required of the vendor before he or she sells product. The tester will provide a COA with the product for verification. If you are st\’\’anding before a vendor, ask to see the COA. If you are shopping online at Dr. Strains CBD lab tests (insert link) are listed for all their products. This is because Dr. Strains is a tried \’\’and true vendor with verified product.

  • exaggerated claims of cures of all health conditions,
  • swears it will not be detected on a drug test.

# 2 Way to Spot Fake CBD Oil – Low Price

CBD oil or CBD hemp flower is expensive. Extracting CBD oil is a complicated process \’\’and so it is expensive. When a vendor offers a “cheap” bottle of CBD oil, ask to see the COA or look at the teeny, tiny print which you may need a magnifying glass to see. The smaller the print the more fake it is. So, beware.

If the vendor says to submit credit card information to get a free bottle of CBD, beware! These vendors must be reported so they do not hurt endless number of consumers.

Do your research \’\’and do due diligence before purchase. The vendor who wants you to buy, try \’\’and ask questions later, is selling fake product.

# 3 Way to Spot Fake CBD Oil – Sell This for That

Hemp seed oil is one thing \’\’and there are instances where it can be used to benefit in cooking or baking. But Hemp seed oil has no CBD in it \’\’and there are vendors who are selling it under the pretense of hemp CBD. Even if a vendor does not know all the intricacies of CBD \’\’and hemp \’\’and hemp seeds, that is no excuse to sell one thing for another. He or she must educate themselves so that they do not join the multitudes of unscrupulous vendors who are scamming the public.

Hemp seed oil does have some health benefits such as mild anti-inflammatory effects but it does not have sufficient levels of CBD to be called “CBD oil”, so beware.

# 4 — False CBD % Amount

CBD oil may be truly CBD but the manufacture will state that it is a much higher percentage. A lower percentage of CBD but the vendor sell it for the same high price. This terrible irresponsible \’\’and it is hurtful to the consumer. It is hurtful because they think they are getting CBD oil with 25% CBD in a dropper \’\’and it is really only 10%.

A 3 oz. bottle of sublingual CBD tincture, priced at $50 \’\’and containing only 100 mg of CBD is not a good deal. The reason is you are really paying $0.50/mg. A 1 oz. bottle priced at $132 but with 3000 mg of CBD would be $0.04 a mg. Get your calculator out \’\’and take your time making sure you are getting what you are paying for. Research on how the CBD oil is extracted \’\’and processed \’\’and tested is worth your time.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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