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cbd5 Tips to Craft Top CBD Hemp Flower Nugs

5 Tips to Craft Top CBD Hemp Flower Nugs

To craft top CBD hemp flower nugs there are particular aspects of the environment which cause it to flourish.  It is a plant that grows best organically rather that with synthetic fertilizers, etc.

Human nature is to interfere in natures way \’\’and push a plant or flower to grower faster \’\’and better. But too many times, the opposite happens.

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Tip # 1 to Craft Top CBD Hemp Flower Nug — Medicinal Purposes

In cultivation of hemp for medical purposes, the female holds greater value because they produce significantly higher quantities of cannabinoids than male flowers. Hemp, along with bamboo, is one of the fastest growing plants on earth so they deserve the best growing experience.

Tip # 2 to Craft Top CBD Hemp Flower Nugs – Best Flowering

The hemp plants are prepped for maximum flower production by thinning \’\’and topping.  Plants will begin flowering late-summer \’\’and continue to develop flowers in subsequent weeks as trichomes form \’\’and resins become concentrated in the buds even though they are found across the entire plant. The majority of cultivars require a change in photoperiod to better induce flowering unless the cultivars are the auto-flowering variety.

Tip # 3 to Craft Top CBD Hemp Flower Nugs – Organic Tea Bags

The compost tea is to introduce microorganisms to the growing process. This helps to promote bigger \’\’and stronger plants \’\’and flowers. It also creates more resilient plants by spraying the hemp plants with compost tea.

The reasoning behind this is that it places beneficial bacteria on the plants to crowd out the bad bacteria. This will help strengthen the plant’s abilities to suppress diseases as well. When the compost tea bags are applied to soil, it introduces a healthy population of microorganisms to the soil food web. The microorganisms have multi-purposes to:

  • hold nutrients,
  • aide water retention,
  • aerate the soil,
  • help grow healthy roots.

Tip # 4 to Craft Top CBD Hemp Flower Nugs — Optimal Drying

With proper drying conditions the terpenes will not evaporate. If not dried properly, the user will experience a less flavorful smoke. So, this says that it is vitally important to the experience, to the savors \’\’and to the medicinal value to properly dry the hemp flowers.

Another aspect of the importance of drying is that the crop will have better quality \’\’and the size of the flower \’\’and the overall yield is maximized. The downside of minimizing the drying process could result in fungal mold \’\’and bacterial contamination for the entire hemp harvest. Maintaining proper ventilation is also important.

If you want the best crafted artisan hemp flower with maximum terpene expression, there are two things that will put it over the top:

  • dried in a temperature-controlled room,
  • cured in glass jars.

Tip # 5 to Craft Top CBD Hemp Flower Nugs – Living Soil

Most soils would be considered “alive” have microbial life in their natural state. Then growers \’\’and farmers become involved in the process with their artificial synthetic pesticides, fertilizers \’\’and any number of other foreign, but supposedly “beneficial additives”.

What happens then? What happens is they kill the living soil \’\’and toss the plant in a state of artificial growth, maturation \’\’and harvest time. Once the hemp farmer kills the living soil, he or she has to continually add \’\’and subsidize the soil or the plant dies.

If we are talking “all in organic”, the hemp farm must take the stance of feeding the soil not the plant. If this is consistently done, then the plant will evolve into the healthy ecosystem underneath it.

The reasons hemp farmers prefer the living soil method is because

  • It is more natural;
  • Creates the highest organic state;
  • Actually, it is also cost effective;
  • The last \’\’and best is — a better hemp flower.

The modern world whether it relates to agriculture or other areas of life, have the mentality that we have to artificially change, modulate \’\’and simply interfere with the natural sequences. The truth is that hemp plants express better terpene savors \’\’and a more exquisite flower forms when the whole organic philosophy is pursued.

The terpene production excels \’\’and the cannabinoids flourish without fertilizers that have the potential of burning the plant \’\’and upsetting the PH balance. Compost teas inoculate the soil with microbial life which the hemp plant flourishes in because all the needed nutrients are present.

“Tips for the Best” Last Words

The question may be, “why is it important to have the best hemp plant/flower?” If the hemp plant is provided the best environment, the most organic soil, etc. the plant will be healthier \’\’and the flower more exquisite.  The reason to grow the best is that the harvest will be larger, the terpene profile will be more complete as well as a more comprehensive supply of cannabinoids.

This makes the users happy because the smoking experience is better \’\’and the health benefits are stronger.

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