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cbd6 Most Need to Know Questions About CBD Bud

6 Most Need to Know Questions About CBD Bud

CBD is effective but not magic. CBD heals but it is not instantaneous. CBD regulates the body’s Endocannabinoid System so that healing can happen including pain reduction, fewer \’\’and less severe seizures \’\’and spasms. There continue to be many questions about CBD bud. Crossbreeders \’\’and cultivators are searching every day to cross the best strains for effect \’\’and for therapeutics to make even better.

But with all this excitement, it is important to make sure to keep the industry honest with honest 3rd party testing \’\’and choosing the best product from the best hemp farmers through out the United States. This is what Dr. Strains CBD does with all of the various hemp flower strains they purchase.

#1 — Questions about CBD Bud — How Does CBD Flower Make You Feel?

  • Sativa-dominant CBD flower provides a clear-headed sense of focus;
  • Indica-dominant CBD flower make you feel restful or relaxed.

These questions about CBD bud has one some what confusing answer \’\’and that is it generally varies with individuals. If you have a hybrid of 50%/50% Sativa/Indica then it will be a mix of clear-headed focus \’\’and restfulness. But then you may have a strain that is 70% Sativa \’\’and 30% Indica. Now you are looking at strong clear-headed focus but backed up with Some relaxation.

If you are new to the hemp community, the right CBD hemp flower for you may involve some experimentation but that’s part of the fun of it all, right?

#2 — Why Does the CBD Hemp Flower Look Frosty with Crystals?

Questions about CBD bud will always include, what on earth are Trichomes?  Trichomes, the set of fine crystalline hairs \’\’and when it is ripe, the trichomes are visible as a heavy frosty coat of trichomes. The trichomes can be a determining factor of high-quality hemp flower as they are potent \’\’and delicious.

The trichomes begin showing up on the hemp flower as soon as the flower enters is flowering stage \’\’and more appear just before the buds are ready for harvest.

The trichomes are the part of the hemp plant that produce resin, store other essentials oils \’\’and terpenes. The trichomes are like the gold at the end of the rainbow for the hemp flower as they contain a much higher content of all the cannabinoids, terpenes \’\’and flavonoids.  For the hemp cultivator, the trichomes are the best indicators of when to harvest the plant because they start turning amber \’\’and dark red.

#3 — Is Vaping CBD Hemp Flower Better Than Smoking CBD Flower?

Questions about CBD bud are regarding many things which an individual can enjoy most \’\’and how it affects you. If you have any type of sensitives to smoke, vaping CBD hemp flower may be better for your lungs. Supposedly this is because vapor does not contain any plant matter or other substances to “burn”. However, if you do dry vape that is probably better than smoking because nothing is ignited or burned but rather the CBD hemp flower vaporizes. On the other h\’\’and smoking CBD hemp flower is better than smoking nicotine which can contribute to many negative health conditions.

#4 — Questions about CBD Bud — What Does CBD Flower Do?

CBD connects to the Endocannabinoid System which we all have. It consists of many receptors \’\’and the cannabinoid, CBD, interacts with those receptors to restore health to the various systems such as digestive, respiratory, blood flow, cardio-vascular system are just a few. This question about CBD bud touts the skin as our biggest organ so obviously it is reasonable to use lotions, creams \’\’and salves generously on our  lips \’\’and skin because they have receptors as well.

#5 — Questions about CBD Bud — What Is a Top Shelf CBD Hemp Flower?

A top shelf hemp bud is a high-quality cannabis hemp product. It is also most expensively priced hemp flower, but top shelf means much more.  The top shelf hemp bud will

  • display an amazingly pleasing flower structure,
  • demonstrate exquisite terpene savors,
  • possess a high cannabinoid content.

Questions about CBD bud, includes one answer in Cherry Abacus hemp strain. It is top shelf at 20% CBD \’\’and a strong cannabinoid profile.  Cherry Abacus fulfills this with crystal-hair-like trichomes covering leaves \’\’and stems. The terpene profile is strong \’\’and broad with aromas of pine, diesel \’\’and a sparkle of berry sweetness that creates magic in a recreational smoke \’\’and health relief in various venues.

Mr. Rainbow hemp flower comes in at 22.3% CBD, which is higher than most strains. It is considered the best when considering potency, \’\’and the terpene profile in these crystal-covered nugs elevates it to top shelf quality.

#6 — What Is The Highest CBD Flower?

Other questions about CBD bud is which one has the highest CBD content? Blood Diamond may be a new hemp flower strain, but it is an “all or nothing” at 24% CBD content.  Customers are already providing feedback that is overwhelmingly positive \’\’and above \’\’and beyond their expectations.  Blood Diamond sports a purplish, frosty buds, \’\’and delights with a relaxing indica effect.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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