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CannabisThe Right Answers — The Hemp Flower Benefits

The Right Answers — The Hemp Flower Benefits

Hemp is a plant with a stalk, leaves \’\’and a flower. The hemp flower is only found on the female hemp plant. It is the most valuable part of the hemp plant \’\’and the most used part. Hemp flower is also referred to as the CBD flower or the CBD bud.

The hemp flower matures from bud to flower when it secretes cannabinoids \’\’and resins. This secretion attracts pollen from the males which in turn produces seeds. The exact percentages of CBD vary from flower to flower \’\’and the percentages are also dependent on the particular strain of the hemp plant. The highest percentage of CBD comes from specially plants which have been bred to produce larger buds or flowers. Accordingly, the bigger hemp flower has the higher CBD ratio as well as a lower profile of THC.

Uses of the Hemp Flower

Hemp, a member of the cannabis family, is much more than a product to consume which will not have the side effects of marijuana with high levels of THC.  The hemp flower benefits extend to the making of hemp oil \’\’and high-end CBD oils as well as the recent production of smokable hemp flowers.

The Entourage Effect for Hemp Flower Benefit

There are approximately 100 phytocannabinoids in the hemp flower of which CBD \’\’and THC contribute the highest percentages. The entourage effect refers to the fact that when ingesting multiple components at the same time, the impact to the body is much better than consuming only one isolate at a time.  The interaction between each of the compounds in the hemp flower happens between the cannabinoids, the fatty acids, the flavonoids \’\’and the terpenes.

Hemp Flower Benefits

The hemp flower is a natural creation not a production in a lab with various compounds. The naturally occurring components include cannabinoids (CBD) \’\’and terpenes. Both components have stress-relieving \’\’and anti-anxiety attack properties. The terpenes, Limonene \’\’and Myrcene, reduce stress \’\’and anxiety, repetitively.

Induces Sleep

Insomnia plagues many individuals most nights. The hemp flower benefits for insomnia sufferers are the experie

nce of falling asleep with ease along with a more relaxed sleep time.  The CBD in the hemp flower interacts with mood receptors in the brain to positively improve sleep.

Soothes Inflammation

The hemp flower benefits come from the rich quality of cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes. These compounds interact with an individual’s endocannabinoid system to increase the body’s ability to heal \’\’and reduce inflammation. The hemp flower benefit also provides a reduction of pain for many individuals suffering from conditions causing chronic pain.

Cessation of Smoking

The CBD provides the benefits of reducing cigarette cravings by 40% according to some recent studies as well as personal testimonies.

Nourishes the Skin

The richness of vitamins \’\’and nutrients contribute to the hemp flower benefits to help the skin better generate collagen.  It moisturizes the skin as well as it reduces wrinkles.

Lessen Anxiety \’\’and Depression

The hemp flower benefit comes from the CBD rich quality that alleviates anxiety \’\’and depression with very few to no side effects. It provides a calming sense of well-being.


The hemp flower benefits are enjoyed by many people \’\’and have an ever widening range of possibilities. The hemp flower also is in a variety of products for the benefit of the various consumer likes. From lotions to sprays \’\’and from capsules to liquid. The products are varied but they all contain the multiple hemp flower benefits.

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