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cbdA Beginner’s Guide to Buying High CBD Hemp Strains

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying High CBD Hemp Strains

When you are first introduced to high CBD hemp strains, it may seem like it is one big out-of-order conglomerate. To be educated is to be in the know so this is the object of this post and many other posts in this blog – to educate.

Fast Hemp Growth Since 2018 Farm Bill

First, the number of CBD hemp strains are growing by leaps and bounds since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp. There is now a nice selection of strains to experiment with. When cultivators in hemp farms in Colorado breed one strain with another strain is for one purpose.  It is to have new strains of high CBD hemp flower buds with even higher CBD, higher terpenes, and other compounds that increase the Entourage Effect for the users.

High CBD Hemp Strains in Colorado

The hemp farms in Colorado are some of the best for growing not only high CBD hemp bud plants but also quality hemp plants. The climate, the soil, and other growing factors affect the success of the hemp farms breeding in Colorado to fit the therapeutic and recreation needs which you may have. High terpene content is another factor that the hemp cultivators want to breed as terpenes are almost as important as CBD content. It is also important for you to know the terpenes in the hemp flower when selecting a high CBD hemp strain.

Hemp farms breeding in Colorado have five years in the books by now. Colorado leads hemp-growing and production in all the states. Just in the last 12 months, more than 80,000 acres were planted by hemp cultivators. These hemp cultivators are turning the hemp industry into a breeding ground for the best and highest CBD hemp strains for the delight of all the members of hemp communities.

Calculating High CBD Hemp Strains

Hemp flower are in amounts of CBD varying from 11% to 22% and up. The CBD content is important because it is the natural compound in the hemp flower that has therapeutic benefits. There are also other compounds that the high CBD hemp flower plant has as well which put together gives the Entourage Effect.

Each hemp buds has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that accompanies it. On the COA there will be a listing of the compounds as well as other details. These details help you make an informed decision which high CBD hemp strain you want to purchase. If it is for recreation purposes primarily then you will want to choose the savors to your liking.

The Best and The Highest CBD Hemp Strains

  • Cherry Wine comes in at 22% CBD and holds a magnificent torch as well of exquisite savors.
  • Lifter hemp strain has a range of 14% to 20% CBD and a king’s ransom of savors so it has gold for those wanting therapeutic benefits as well as recreational pleasures.
  • Elektra is a top-shelf strain at 16% CBD and the savors swing between earthy, pine forest and on to a hint of sourness.
  • Wife hemp strain comes in at 20% CBD  and smacks to the high skies of wild cherries and tranquility.

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