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Strain ReviewHemp Strain — Abacus

Hemp Strain — Abacus

The Abacus hemp strain is an Indica dominant strain. Breeders crossed Alien Sour Apple and Pebble OG to achieve a literal masterpiece that looks striking and also tastes with considerable jazz.

In the Beginning and History

First harvested in 2017, makes Abacus a new kid on the block in hemp world. The history \’\’and lineage of the Abacus strain is rich in potency \’\’and flower yield because of the rich lineage from Alien Sour Apple \’\’and Pebble OG.

Abacus hemp strain hit the fast track running because of its popularity with the hemp product users for pleasure \’\’and for medicinal benefits. This was \’\’and continues to be fortunate for the breeders \’\’and cultivators. Most samples of the Abacus strains are measured between 0.2% – 0.3% THC \’\’and 14 – 20% CBD.

Experience the Experience

Dark green nugs scream sexy as the Abacus CBD hemp buds flower announces itself with a lasting perfume impression.  Abacus is a real firecracker as it st\’\’ands tall with terpene rich-CBD. It is a hemp product that puts smiles on faces \’\’and razor-sharp focus.

Abacus is engineered for the experienced smoker who wants more. Reports from smoking users of Abacus CBD nugs report a balanced combination of heightened endurance \’\’and a relaxing agent.

Purple-tinged buds \’\’and strong aroma hit the nose sharply with a pungent finish.  A terpene strain which is high in many cannabinoids, Abacus has a complex profile that provides a full-bodied smoking experience.

Abacus Genetics

Abacus passes tests for purity \’\’and is certified at 14% to 20% CBD \’\’and 0.3% THC. This Abacus cultivar results in bold strong CBD dense hemp buds which crawl with crystallization.

Abacus was first bred in an engineered process over a complete growing season. Because of this long breeding period, this hemp strain is an extremely stable one.  The Abacus hemp flower is also tolerant to both heat \’\’and cold \’\’and resistant to mildew \’\’and mold. These traits lend well to an East Coast growing environment as well. Abacus hemp plant flowers for around 7 – 8 weeks \’\’and grows into a medium-tall height plant.

The Abacus hemp strain has a 99% germination rate which results in high levels of CBD resin with qualities for ample CBD oil extraction.

Color, Taste, Aroma

A terpene-rich high CBD hemp plant gleams with purplish buds \’\’and an outst\’\’anding smell. On the outside, it sports a dark floral green color that makes for a beautiful flower. The smell can be unexpected if you have not long been a flower smoker. Floral with a hint of musk leaves a strong impression.

Flavors of the Abacus hemp strain are rich in earthy smokey savor with contributing tastes from the terpene-rich profile.

Abacus Therapeutic Benefits

Due to its high-CBD content, Abacus is great for helping with stress, anxiety, nausea, migraines, \’\’and other chronic pain from arthritis.

The CBD health benefits of the Abacus hemp strain come in a variety of methods to apply. There are oils, creams \’\’and sub-lingual drops. One method may work better for one individual \’\’and another for the other person. Another variable is the type of pain, for example, that one has. If trying to alleviate pain from osteoarthritis, sub-lingual drops may not be the best application. However, a roll-on or cream applied directly to the pain location will be more effective.

In Conclusion

The Abacus strain is an impressive hemp strain that appeals to the eye, pleases the taste buds \’\’and soothes the nasal smell of it all. High CBD content provides relief for many who live with chronic pain.


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