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Strain Review“Hitting the Gas Pedal” with AC Diesel Hemp Strain

“Hitting the Gas Pedal” with AC Diesel Hemp Strain

AC Diesel CBD hemp strain is an intense aromatic with high terpene influence.  AC Diesel CBD hemp buds has everything you want for long-lasting stimulation along with a soft mood enhancement with extensive duration. Your desires can be effectively fueled with an agreeable rugged aroma.

In the Beginning \’\’and History

AC Diesel was introduced to the market in 2018 to create a fragrant pungent quality hemp flower by breeding ACDC \’\’and Sour Diesel. These parents brought 70/30 sativa/indica plant with all its variety of flavors, aromas \’\’and awesome color hues.

“Pedal to the Medal” Experiencing AC Diesel

The intense aromatic from citrusy terpenes lingers with an earthy woody flavor after just one drag. To honor its name, AC Diesel engulfs the hard-hitting gasoline taste in your mouth. AC Diesel CBD hemp strain is a sativa dominant flower but still offers enough sedative effects to calm nerves to provide a meditative evening. The citrus bitterness surrounds the tongue with a swirling smoke.

Depending on the experience of the smoker, it could be too hard-hitting so another smoke tools could bring better effects which are more neutralized.

AC Diesel Genetic Profile

Sativa dominant strains generally stimulate energy levels \’\’and boosts one’s focus. AC Diesel CBD hemp strain averages 17% CBD \’\’and less than 0.5%THC so the CBD tempers any harsh effect. This hemp strain takes after the fast-acting parent, Sour Diesel to deliver an energized, but dreamy cerebral impact on up to legendary heights.

The other parent, ACDC, is the influence to place a cap on the sedative effects unlike a usual indica strain. Users can still maintain alertness to make the AC Diesel strain the perfect for daytime pain \’\’and stress relief. Terpene levels of caryophyllene \’\’and pinene are unequal to other hemp strains.

Color, Taste, Aroma

AC Diesel follows the Sour Diesel flavor profile of terpene as citrus \’\’and berry.  Other distinguishing savors are earthy wood-like. The AC Diesel buds are highly resinous \’\’and also bares the fragrance of strawberries \’\’and fuel.

AC Diesel CBD Therapeutic Benefits

The AC Diesel CBD hemp strain is especially useful to relieve physical tension to encourage better rest \’\’and night-time sleep. Its numbing affect eases muscle \’\’and bone discomfort.  This hemp strain has been useful for medical conditions of depression \’\’and anxiety as well as joint pain \’\’and migraines.

My Concluding Words

CBD benefits from a hemp bud are delivered in various modes. AC Diesel hemp pre-rolls are one popular way to consume CBD. The hemp bud is ground to the finest purest grade for the best smoke with immediate effects. Whichever mode of delivery you try, the results will vary for each person. Keeping the trichomes \’\’and terpenes intact \’\’and the finest grind to the entire bud will provide an even but slow burn to take on the day ahead of schedule or to put your feet up by the pool in a totally relaxed mood.


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