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Strain ReviewAcid Rock Hemp Strain

Acid Rock Hemp Strain

The Acid Rock has medium to high CBD content \’\’and low Delta-9 THC at a legal amount of 0.3%. There are some CBD hemp strains that register 20% \’\’and up but Acid Rock comes in at 13% to 14% CBD. Acid Rock hemp strain produces one of the most beautiful hemp flowers. Some even refer to it as “adorable” if something that grows \’\’and blooms in a field could fill that bill. However, hemp enthusiasts or not, you will no doubt agree.

Acid Rock Hemp Strain — The Beginning

The Acid Rock hemp strain is grown in Colorado since it was cultivated with two relatively well-known hybrids – River Rock Hybrid \’\’and Suzy Q. This fiery, seedless strain is extremely high quality partly because it is grown indoors for best controlled environment.

Acid Rock is a knockout with intensity from two parents with a majestic content of both terpenes \’\’and cannabinoid.  The nugs may be light weight but they pack a significant punch. It has many fine qualities one of which is the boost it provides you to power through the last half of a project at the end of the day Friday.

Experiencing the “Rock”

Acid Rock is sharp \’\’and impressive as it takes you on a roller coaster ride of epic portions. The ride is not of a psychoactive nature but rather a ride through flavors, savors \’\’and emotions that leaves little to be imagined.  The unforgettable experience with the “Rock” is partially because of the strong \’\’and varied terpene profile. This profile provides a full effect \’\’and is extremely important as they allow the great aroma \’\’and smooth smoke to flow into one.

Acid Rock provides another interesting twist of similarity with New York Sour Diesel.  This hemp strain carries with it a metallic taste enforced with hints of gasoline or moss that grows profusely in the damp humid forest.  Acid Rock has another side that offers relaxation with euphoria that is topped with good humor.

Acid Rock Hemp Strain Genetic Profile

The Acid Rock hemp strain was first bred \’\’and cultivated with two hybrids, Suzy Q \’\’and River Rock Hybrid. Acid Rock entered the market a mere three years ago, so it is a relatively young breed that thrives in Mediterranean \’\’and dryer climates. Because of its particular needs, environment-wise, Acid Rock is often grown inside so conditions can be created \’\’and monitored better.  Acid Rock Hemp Flower is seedless with 18% total cannabinoids, an exceptional flower any way you look at it. It is also good for creativity to move past writer’s block, project stall or the last three hours on a Friday afternoon.

Color, Taste, Aroma

Color — Acid Rock appearance is unique appearance sporting strawberry blonde hairs on its plants.  The bud is fuzzily inviting to taste \’\’and see is flavors.

Taste – The flavor is earthy \’\’and citrus-like blended in a strong refined manner. The taste along with the aroma are what influenced the name for the Acid Rock hemp strain.

Aroma — It has a pungent aroma of metal mixed with an earthy scent of gasoline. The scent is strong \’\’and apologetically pungent with gasoline.

Acid Rock Therapeutic Benefits

The Acid Rock hemp strain has a buffet of potential medicinal benefits to offer.  There are not some more important than others even though most are chronic conditions that burden many on a daily basis.

Stress, anxiety \’\’and depression often lead to insomnia so the idea is to change one of these \’\’and hopefully the others will be modified. Loss of appetite \’\’and nausea are often grouped together as one affects the other. Then there is pain. Pain has been \’\’and probably will continue to be a symptom of any variety of conditions like arthritis, spinal issues \’\’and organic pain, etc.

Acid Rock offers relaxation for the stressed, anxious \’\’and those in pain; an uplift euphoric feeling for the depressed individual \’\’and focus with creative energy for those low hanging afternoons when you are attempting to finish a work project.


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