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cbd“Ahead of the 8 Ball– 8 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

“Ahead of the 8 Ball– 8 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

Health benefits of CBD hemp flower may be more numerous than we care to tabulate here in this post so instead of being “behind the 8 ball” we are ahead of it with 8 specific benefits. So let’s get to it.

According to a recent study done of medical marijuana patients, the surveyor discovered more than half of medical marijuana patients choose CBD-dominant products ahead of marijuana dominant products to treat their health condition. You are probably asking, “why”? The truth that is set out to most is that some medical conditions are only treatable by way of medical marijuana even though it does give a psychoactive high.

Of these large numbers of individuals, almost ¾ of them felt as if the CBD products gave more relief than medical marijuana or over the counter \’\’and prescription medications. This is just one more proof of the beneficial affects of CBD, in case any reader may still be doubting.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower — Pain

Without a doubt more people use CBD for pain relief, \’\’and it is also the reason more people turn to CBD than any other reason. Inflammation, if left untreated advances to pain whether it is arthritic pain, gut pain \’\’and many other locations where inflammation gains a foothold.

There are multiple arthritis conditions but they all result in ongoing pain \’\’and relentless pain. CBD Isolate roll-on is one effective product to use for arthritis.  There are other chronic pain conditions like post-workout soreness, sprains \’\’and muscle overuse respond well to CBD. If you are using CBD on a regular basis then, you are more like to recover better after muscle exhaustion.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower — Acne

Inflammation is a close second to pain as one of the many health benefits of CBD hemp flower. Acne is a type of inflammation so come on down, CBD \’\’and help clear up all that acne that is so embarrassing on your face.  Other skin issues also fall in this same preview. Topical applications can help stimulate clearer, healthier skin.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower — Diabetes

CBD helps to reduce insulin levels \’\’and thus improve pancreatic function. Both of these things help to normalize the impact of glucose in your body. Again, the health benefits of CBD hemp flower are to restore balance or homeostasis to the body.

If you consider the big picture the benefits of CBD hemp flower, then you must consider homeostasis or balance to organ functions to systems that keep you alive \’\’and much more. CBD oil capsules, mints or CBD-infused gummies are ready to get to work for you. Yes, let’s balance it all up.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower — Opioid Addiction

Prescription opioids are used mostly to treat moderate to severe pain, some are used to treat coughing \’\’and even diarrhea.  The problem with the opioids is that they are highly addictive, liable to overdosing \’\’and have other dangerous side effects.

Since CBD is so effective for pain, opioids are being replaced \’\’and now it appears that another of the health benefits of CBD hemp flower is beneficial to recovery from opioid addiction.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower — Multiple Sclerosis

Additional research coming from studies shows that CBD oil can reduce the spasticity muscle spasms which torment multiple sclerosis patients. This is research in \’\’and out of the medical arena so it is significant that it is making a mark in the world which the individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis must live in.

CBD hemp flower for these individuals makes their lives it easier \’\’and not so challenging daily. The application of CBD is significant enough to the MS community that a pharmaceutical grade CBD product called Sativex has been submitted for clinical trials to treat MS.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower — Epilepsy

The media hype may surround this health challenge because the only pharmaceutical drug which is FDA-approved is one using Charlotte’s Web \’\’and it is for seizures. It is a pharmaceutical which is mostly effective for younger children suffering with seizures.

There are multiple studies done through many years in regard to CBD hemp flower \’\’and seizures. The benefits are not hype. The benefits are so remarkable that the medical profession is seriously doing studies \’\’and research in an ongoing manner.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower — Cancer

Another one of the many health benefits of CBD hemp flower which we may not hear that much about is how it inhibits the growth \’\’and spread of cancer cells. The point in correcting a cancer diagnosis is to stop the cancer cell growth. That is what chemo does but the problem with chemo is that it kills the good cells as well.

The health benefits are that it helps to stop cancer cell growth partly by multiplying the good cells faster than the cancer cells are growing. This is good news to many facing cancer. It is also good news to those of us who do not want another cancer diagnosis.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower – Overall Wellness

If your mission in life, particularly as we approach a new year, is to tend to your overall wellness, then CBD hemp flower, in some form is what you must add.

Hype is one thing; reality is quite another. I repeatedly say in the posts that CBD is not magic, but it is effective. But its response time is different in different circumstances because it may depend on how “out of balance” your body is.

On the other h\’\’and, you may be relatively healthy without any significant health challenge. That is where wellness comes in. Why not make CBD hemp flower part of your daily routine to balance your body, to strengthen your systems \’\’and to regulate any irregularities which may be starting. It’s like shutting the gate before the sheep get out.

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