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cbdAll About Vaping CBD Hemp Oil — To Vape or Not to Vape

All About Vaping CBD Hemp Oil — To Vape or Not to Vape

Now legalized, CBD products become more popular daily for all the medical benefits. There are many delivery methods that hemp enthusiasts use. One of the delivery methods is vaping CBC hemp oil.

There is a long list of benefits that are documented in the relief of chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Most of the studies are when users take sublingual drops, tinctures, or topical in creams rather than via inhalation. Long-term benefits are still unknown.

Some use vaping as a way to stop smoking nicotine then others vape because it was something they enjoyed. With the advent of CBD and all the benefits for health, many different ways to consume it became available.

Vaping CBD Hemp Oil

A hemp oil vape is an effective way for CBD to enter the system because it bypasses the digestion system. Vaporized CBD is much more easily absorbed into the bloodstream so that it can affect healing.

The Right Vaping Oil

It is important to use the right type of CBD hemp oil and the right type of vapor device. Users cannot just use any type of oil in a vaporizer.  CBD hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant or is often referred to as industrial hemp. CBD hemp oil does not create any type of psychoactive high.

Hemp oil vape is a type of hemp oil that is suitable for vaping. It is suitable for vaping in the same type of device that is used with other e-liquids. CBD hemp vape oil is an oil extracted from the industrial hemp plant and when vaped, it is the CBD that is absorbed.

If the industrial hemp is grown strictly for the hemp seed oil or for hemp used in rope or fabric, it will not have CBD. There is a specific type of industrial hemp that is used for CBD cultivation.

The Right Solution for Vaping CBD Hemp Oil

It is important to know that CBD hemp oil must include some type of e-liquid ingredients in order for it to vaporize properly. Pure hemp vape oil needs to be blended with an ideal 50% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 50% propylene glycol (PG) in order to work in a vaporizer device.  These two elements generate the vapor to carry the flavor and the CBD. When purchasing CBD hemp oil, specify to the vendor that you will be using it to vape with so that you can purchase the correct product with the correct additives.

After filling the vape tank with CBD hemp e-juice, let the device sit for ten minutes to allow the vape coils to become saturated.  As a note here, when choosing which vape device to use, it is essential that you use the best quality vape devices when vaping CBD hemp oil.

The Safety of it All

A pure hemp oil vape works only with CBD concentrations of less than 500 mg. For concentrations of hemp oil above 500 mg, vaping is not recommended.

Once CBD is inhaled, it enters your bloodstream almost instantly through your lungs thus bypassing your digestion system. This gives an absorption rate of 56% proving that it is the quickest as well as the most effective way to take CBD.  When vaping CBD hemp oil, avoid the disposable vape pens but rather use hardware with a ceramic heating element.

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