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hemp flowerAll Products Hemp Flower Get it’s Groove On

All Products Hemp Flower Get it’s Groove On

“When we talk about all products hemp flower, the number is increasing rapid for types and variety of consumption methods.”


Dr. Strains CBD Loves with Flowers in February


Hawaiian Haze D8

 Hawaiian Haze D8 Flower is ON SALE @ $14.99

Hawaiian Haze D8 flower is organically grown, hand-trimmed and seedless. Beautiful green buds with red hairs and white crystals. The scent of sweet tropical flavor and smooth to smoke.  A mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics, these light, airy buds will have your head in the clouds. Many users also report that it makes them sociable and talkative. Get your 1/2 oz for $14.99





  • Topical vs. By Mouth 

  • The Pulmonary Admin of it All 

  • “The Points of View” 

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CBD hemp flower products may have started out as hemp tincture, but it has grown to encompass a great many more products that now include other options by mouth as well as topicals that are so effective for joint pain.


All Products Hemp Flower – Topical vs By Mouth

When you first start acquainting yourself with hemp flower products one of the questions, that you will be asking yourself is, “Do I take it by mouth or massage it into my skin”. In the beginning, about the only product that existed besides the flower itself, was hemp tincture and that was by mouth or sublingually. If you are trying to treat two different health conditions, it is very possible that you may need to dose orally or topically.


When Topical is Better 

If you are suffering from joint pain or bacterially driven skin conditions, the topical options will no doubt be most effective. This may seem strange to treat joint pain by applying CBD hemp flower topical to the skin over the joint. The act of massaging the topical into the skin helps to work it through the skin to the joint.  Believe, this is true as I’ve been dosing my osteoarthritis for 3 years this way. But there are also a variety of topicals including roll-ons, suaves which are a thicker consistency and lotions, much softer.


CBD is anti-bacterial so that is the reason it is so effective on skin outbreaks because they are usually bacterial related.


When Oral is Better 

What is right for me may not be right or effective for you, but still, it is good to know what works for others to act as a guidepost in your situation. Hemp tincture is to go sublingually and held for 30 seconds and wait till you eat or drink anything.  This way it gets to your bloodstream faster and consequentially to the Endocannabinoid System when it can do its work.


If you consume CBD hemp flower in chocolate chip cookies and muffins, you will feel benefits, but it must go through your digestive system first. When it does that, the potency diminishes, and it takes longer. But remember this. The benefits and effects will last longer even though it starts later.


If the gummies are soft, then you can bite into them, flick them under your tongue and let them dissolve there. This provides a faster passage to the blood stream.


All Products Hemp Flower – The Pulmonary Administration of it All 

You will not find a better selection of hemp flower strains and various cbd flowers than on the shelves of Dr. Strains CBD. The variety is unmatched from Sativa type flowers to Indica type hemp flowers along with a nice selection of hemp flower sprayed with Delta 8 oil.  There are certain hemp flowers that hold better with having Delta 8 oil sprayed onto it.  Delta 8 is a cannabinoid so it may be mostly loaded with health benefits, so it is also blessed with savors and effects.


The Why and Wherefore of PA 

Pulmonary Administration (PA) happens when you smoke or vape hemp flower because the smoke or vape steam goes direction to your lungs and into your blood stream. Remember, when you feel the effects more quickly, usually they do not last as long.


The advantages to PA are that the effects are felt immediate and with more potency, as well, because it has a direct pathway to your bloodstream. There are two methods to get the CBD hemp flower benefits by PA – smoking the flower through hemp pre-rolls or vaping the flower.  Some do not like the “burnt effect” when they smoke. So, the other option is to use a disposable vape or a vape machine. The vape machine has a compartment to place the ground hemp flower in then another compartment has water. Flip the switch to heat up the water to a determined temp then you can vape. It eliminates the “burnt effect” because the vape delivers CBD hemp flower steam into your lungs.


“All Points of View” 

We like to address all the various aspects of CBD hemp flower because, first there are so many different aspects, and one thing helps some but something else helps other individuals. That is in respect to benefits, then there are effects and savors which come down to preference. All products hemp flower give energy with Sativa type flower and relaxation with Indica type flower. Your need of benefits may be for pain while your neighbor needs it for insomnia.  High CBD hemp flower are what you want for pain and Indica type flower are for the insomnia.


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