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cbdAll the Ways to “Fun Up” CBD Hemp Bud

All the Ways to “Fun Up” CBD Hemp Bud

All the ways we can use CBD hemp bud is mostly for health and healing. However, some may not feel the particular need to heal some part of their body but simply enjoy the effects or the experience of using CBD hemp buds. This experience is generally to smoke it around the pool with friends on a summer’s evening or maybe even by yourself to relax after a hard day at work.

“Funning Up” Your Daily Dose

On the other hand, even though we are using CBD hemp bud for health, we can also have fun with creative ways to get our “daily dose of CBD”.  There is something called self-care. Life often gets in the way of it but nonetheless, it is not only a good thing to do but for our overall health and well-being it is a must. So let us look at ways to use CBD hemp bud for self-care.

Moisturizers, Facial Creams, and Salves

The work-oholic may look at it as a waste of time to massage moisturizing lotion into your hands and arms, your legs and knees. It is not a waste of time because you are caring for the skin that gets a lot of neglect, exposure, and a true beating every day. In the evening sit down and take time to massage into your skin CBD infused moisturizer. This is caring for the skin but it is a step up from simply moisturizing because it is healing the largest organ you have in your body – the skin.

Nobody likes to get old, but it does happen. 60 plus year-old individuals are driving the demand for CBD products in today’s market. They are realizing many pharmaceuticals have failed them, but they will not take that as a final answer. They are looking for something that does work and something that does make a difference. As age creeps up the wrinkles try to take over. CBD facial cream is effective in not only moisturizing the face and neck, but it feeds the skin. It helps to minimize the impact of age wrinkles as you massage CBD-infused facial cream into your cheeks, your forehead, your chin, and down your neck. Massage gently up and in circles. It’s about self-care.

“Funning Up” The Smokable Hemp of it All

Another aspect of self-care is to have something that relaxes you so you can have a restful relaxed night of sleep. This section is about those who enjoy the smoke experience. But let go of the nicotine and have a healthy smoke using a high CBD hemp bud sativa nug to relax and calm you but not sedate you.

CB Dawg CBD hemp bud is a hybrid blend of indica sativa but its experience and effect is to relax.  It has high CBD content of 13 – 16%.  It has enough indica effect that it can be used in the daytime as well. CB Dawg hemp bud has a propensity to mitigate pain – just another benefit of the smoke event.

“Funning Up” CBD Hemp Bud Edibles

Edibles are another way to have a delight time of enjoying chocolate chip cookies or a thick slice of toast with butter and getting a dose of CBD for pain, for the experience, or for anxiety. There is something called comfort food. It makes you feel good just thinking about partaking of it. It may often be not the healthiest food but now you can have it all. You can enjoy your comfort food and know it is healing as well. If you are ultra-concerned about knowing the exact dosage, it may be more difficult to measure it but if you mix the decarboxylate ground hemp bud with another healthy flour such as coconut, almond, etc. they you can measure to fairly certain dosage.

“Funning Up” CBD Hemp Bud Dry Vape of it All

We have already talked about having a smoke of CBD hemp flower to relax and regain calm for the night. All that is true. However, most doctors will tell you that if you have any type of breathing or lung compromise, sending something burned through your lungs might not be the best. So for another option for those who want to know all the possible ways to gain benefits of the CBD hemp bud, let us look at Dry Herb Vape.

Dry Herb Vaporizers are different from concentrate vaporizers which use vape juice. Dry Herb Vaporizers sidestep the vape controversy related to cartridge vaporizers. The advantage of vaping is that you can enjoy the health benefits without burning your herbs.

The Dry Herb Vape is a vaporizer that only vaporizes dry herbs. The device holds dry herbs such as CBD hemp bud within a small inner chamber inside the device. At the time you power on the Dry Herb Vaporizer, it heats up an inner chamber. This is the beginning of the vaping process. The temperature will increase until it is high enough for the active ingredients in the chamber to release a vapor.  This vapor can then be inhaled.

Enjoy self-care to relax and enjoy!

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