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cbdAll Things CBD Hemp Kush — Sweet Kush vs Bubba Kush vs Frosted Kush

All Things CBD Hemp Kush — Sweet Kush vs Bubba Kush vs Frosted Kush

Kush, or OG Kush, is the master of all contemporary CBD hemp Kush strains and stems for the West Coast. Its repetition is outstanding among hemp strains partly because of its rich terpene profile.  Kush is a strain that has birthed any number of other Kush hemp strains and all of them are classics and icons.

Kush is what is called a “self-made man” with no documented lineage It does have history with the legendary California Hindu Kush. It is reported to be a perfectly balanced effect of sativa and indica.

The Particulars of the Kush Lineage

Kush is a CBD hemp strain which a local dispensary will not usually have in their inventory. But, do you know where you will always find not 1 but 2 CBD hemp strains of Kush? You are right! Dr. Strains CBD has Sweet Kush and Bubba Kush in their inventory right now. The Kush strains are scarce because it is a difficult strain to cultivate.

Kush is generally classified as a temperamental plant needing much more attention than other hemp strains. Usually only the seasoned farmers with many years’ experience will attempt the task of cultivation of any Kush hemp strain.

The Kush CBD hemp strains generally need to be grown indoors so that the cultivator can massage the many variables during growth and harvest to achieve the best outcome. It is possible for the Kush hemp plant to mature by week seven.

In harvest the Kush hemp strain is a shy plant yielding a modest bud count of around 1 to 2 ounces for each foot of height.  The appearance of the plant itself is more similar to sativa genetics, with long leaves arranged spaciously from one another, all linked together to a tall, airy plant.

CBD Hemp Kush – Sweet Kush

Sweet Kush stands at around 15% CBD and is also an indoor strain which also makes it a top-shelf CBD hemp Kush flower. It is an indica dominant hybrid. The preferred time of use is daytime as it does stimulate, gives focus and energy. It is not real fast acting, but neither is it slow and the wait is worth the energic buzz.

 Savors and Effects

Sweet Kush has beautiful green buds thickly covered in trichomes with a sweet smell of juicy berry overtones. Some think that it resembles cherry lemon drops.  The warm tingles spread from top to bottom after consuming it.

CBD Hemp Kush – Bubba Kush

Greatest discoveries often happen as accidents just like the precise moment that Bubba Kush was birthed. The Bubba Kush CBD plants grow as little bushes with a stout center stem. It also sports wide shade leaves which lean into the indica strain of the cannabis plant but still shares 30% with sativa and 15% CBD content.  The color of this CBD hemp Kush strain is unique in green and a tinge of purple when flowering.

Growth and Description

The Bubba Kush strain requires approximately 55-60 flowering days for inside growth before it is ripe for a yield of potentially 450 grams per plant.  Silver trichomes lavish the Bubba Kush CBD nuggets with an abundance of orange hairs elevating it once again with the other CBD hemp Kush strains to top shelf.

Effects and Savors

Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower is a favorite smokable flower with aromas of sweet sugar cake combined with spices. The therapeutics are especially unique for this Kush strain. Say good-by to pain, anxiety and may be an appetite suppressant for those pursuing weight losses. And abiding along side of all the other Kush strains, Bubba Kush is the best unwinder relaxant.

CBD Hemp Kush – Frosted Kush

This strain of Kush is a relaxing indica strain with a strong 20% CBD content. This particular strain is a cross between Frosted Lime and Kush Hemp E1 and definitely is in the realm of the classics. Frosted Kush has a pungent aroma of fresh berries with cream on top. Its buds are dense dark and light green intertwined with orange pistils.  These leaves are short and fat. It seems all the Kush CBD hemp buds strains are top shelf and mostly grown inside.


As all the other Kush CBD hemp strains, Frosted Kush possesses an exotic bud of neon green and frosty white.  Frosted Kush is the strain for the evening after a hard day’s work while breathing in berries and cream. The taste is light and woody unless you are a vape person then the citrus savors come out.


Therapeutics for this amazing CBD hemp Kush flower are pain and inflammation. Inflammation is often the precursor to pain so with Frosted Kush, pain succumbs to a double whammy to knock out pain and relief to surrounding conditions.

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