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hemp flowerAll Things in the Quality Control of Smokable Hemp Flower Market

All Things in the Quality Control of Smokable Hemp Flower Market

The Quality control of smokable hemp flower market is important not only to the user but also to the hemp community in general and the researchers who are continually looking for the best of the best. It is important to the hemp farmer as well because he or she wants to know that vendors will return to buy the best quality from his or her farm.

Quality control of smokable hemp flower market is important to the vendors who put quality and customer satisfaction first. They want to build a clientele that returns for a lifetime because they feel their vendor is trustworthy.

Quality Control of Smokable Hemp Flower Market – Indoor vs Outdoor

Indoor Grown

Hemp grown indoors requires a closed room, artificial lights, ventilation and an optimized atmosphere. Part of the reason for growing indoors is so all the elements are optimized for the best growing conditions, timely harvest and not only attractive buds for potent ones as well. Indoor growing optimizes plant growth to encourage and maximize genetic potential of these five things:

  • light cycles,
  • CO2 levels,
  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • nutrients.

After optimizing these five elements, the buds are denser, the resin production higher. With these two things the bud will be highly aromatic and potent.  But indoor plants may have a higher flower to leaf ratio because their energy is spent in producing luscious buds rather than fending off the environmental stresses.

Outdoor Grown

The outdoor grown hemp flower has the advantageous of the sun, local temperature, humidity, and season cycles.  Outdoor-grown buds can be darker in color, less dense, but with a more earthy aroma. The cannabis species is very resilient so it can easily adapt to the variables of the natural weather and climate.

A high CBD and terpene content can be achieved in an outdoor grown hemp plant as well with close attention and dedication for the grower. Full-term outdoor growing that is environment dependent and seasonal related is the most natural and some consider to be the least expensive way to grow the hemp plant.

Quality Control of Smokable Hemp Flower Market – Testing

State and federal regulations require the hemp plant and flower be tested shortly before harvest as it needs to meet regulations of 0.3% THC or less to be legal. On occasion a crop turns “hot” because of outside accidental pollination.

The next testing happens in the lab of the exact product the vendor is selling. This testing is reflected on the Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA, a document issued by an accredited laboratory, includes a full and complete list of the percentages of all various compounds or compositions of the CBD product and These are some of the items the 3rd party testing documents on the COA:

  • Potency
  • Terpene profiling
  • Residual Solvents
  • Pesticide screening
  • Moisture Content

Some 3rd party testers do various other evaluations of the CBD batch, but these are the standard ones. The potency is very important in this case because many, take or smoke, vape for the benefits from CBD. If the CBD percentage is less by a small or large amount, that makes a difference.

When a customer comes into the vendor’s shop, he or she should ask for the COA to be sure that they are getting product that is 3rd party tested. Also the customer should take a copy of the COA with them if they are planning to fly commercially so that they can have documentation for TSA officials if asked.

If a customer is going to throw a party for fellow hemp smokers or vapers, it is important to have documentation that the product they are using is hemp and not marijuana. The aromas often are similar and if law enforcement is called by a nosey neighbor, the homeowner would be wise to have documentation so all the party goers do not land in jail for the night.

Quality Control of Smokable Hemp Flower Market – Scammers and False-Advertising

An industry full of scammers and false-advertising is hurtful for all concerned so some manufacturers pay out of pocket for their products to be fairly tested. The merchants also know that if the scammers dominate the market, the government is more likely to step in with additional regulations that make growing, manufacturing and selling difficult.

Some vendors sell hemp seed oil for CBD oil. They are different including the hemp seed oil not having the health benefits which CBD oil does.

Quality Control of Smokable Hemp Flower Market – Storage & Freshness

There are two storage concerns when evaluating quality control of smokable hemp flower market. There is storage on the hemp farm before it is sent to make the product you buy at your vendors. Usually the hemp flower has to go through a process of

The beginning of the drying of the hemp flower starts when and how you harvest. If you snip small, sale-sized buds from the plant, you may be the perfect supplier for those dispensaries which prefer making buys from the small hemp farmer.

Conditioning the Facility Condition

The move to the drying facility should be quick to prevent any terpene or cannabinoid loss. Before sniping or cutting which ever direction you decide to go, the drying facility should be prepared so that the move is quick and without hassle. Proper temperature ranging from 60 to 70 degrees F and perfect humidity of 45 to 55% are two of the most important aspects. Two other aspects which need tending to are ventilation and a fan on low to simply generate air circulation.

Hang up or Lay Out That Hemp

Whether precision-type snipping of the flowers or cutting the plant into 12-inch lengths, the easiest or fastest may not be the best drying process for the plant because the air cannot get to the inside part of the plant.  If hanging, the leaves may curl or droop thus compromising the aesthetic look as well as the glaze of the final product.

Patience in that waiting time here again as it could take from 6 days to more than 14 days.  The branch that is tested for a proper cure must pass the “snap test” so it snaps rather than bends.

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