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hemp“All Things To All People” — Finding Your Muse in the Hemp Community

“All Things To All People” — Finding Your Muse in the Hemp Community

“Finding your muse in the hemp community is different for different people and there is a wide range of options. “

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  • The Baking Community
  • Considering the Topical Community
  • The Oral Community
  • “All Points of View”
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One of the things that everyone agrees on about hemp is that it is versatile, and it covers a broad range of uses and preferences. It does not matter how you consume hemp; you always receive the same benefits. The variables are the quickness the user feels the effects, the length of feeling effects and your personal choice always comes in the mix.  So, come with me and let’s look at all the hemp options.

Finding Your Muse in the Hemp Community – All About the Smoke/Vape Community

Maybe not the first use of hemp, but definitely the most popular today for individuals who enjoy smoking for smoking’s sake.  Others use the hemp pre-rolls to break the nicotine addiction.  There is a difference in smoking and vaping as you no doubt know. The disposable vape is a fluid. The caution here is to be sure and used approved fluid in your disposable vape so it does not damage your lungs.

But there is another type of vape which many like because you can still enjoy the savors but eliminate the burnt effect in your lungs. Some with respiratory challenges find the burnt from hemp pre-rolls problematic. If so, here is your option – dry vape. The dry vaporizer has two compartments. One compartment is to pack the ground hemp flower into and the other compartment holds water. You have a switch that turns it on to heat up the water. When it is the right temperature then you can start vaping. The steam is pulled over the ground hemp so you are inhaling hemp steam or vapor rather than having the burnt effect.

Finding Your Muse in the Hemp Community – The Baking Community

The baking community is for those who already enjoy baking. You can use the recipes you already have and like and spike them with ground and decarbed hemp flower. If is a fun way to dose and an option to invite your friends over for spiked brownies, cookies and even pies and cakes. Then you can also add CBD oil, baking grade, to make recipes.

The thing you must remember is that since these are food products it has to pass through your digestive system, so the potency is lessened and the time for feeling the effects is longer. However, in some cases, the user can feel the effects for a longer period of time.

Finding Your Muse in the Hemp Community – Considering the Topical Community

The topical community has more of a health and well-being focus than the recreational part of hemp dosing. Topicals are particularly effective for those suffering with various types of arthritis. It is mostly effective with chronic pain but has been also effective with acute attacks of pain.

For those suffering from different types of bacterial skin disorders CBD infused topicals are particularly effective because CBD is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The skin is our largest organ, so it has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) all its own. That is why it is effective to joint pain to dose through the skin.

Some have found the CBD-infused topicals are more effective than the tinctures or other methods of oral dosing. It is no doubt because you are able to apply it to the area and by massaging it into the skin makes it even more adaptable to reducing pain.

Finding Your Muse in the Hemp Community – The Oral Community

The oral sublingual tincture was the first hemp product manufactured. Some still use it as their favorite dosing method. It is oral consumption but if you put it under your tongue, then it is better and faster absorbed into your system because of the mucous membrane in your mouth.

The gummies are another effective way to dose and a favorite of others. If the gummies is soft then you can bite into it and swish it under your tongue to still take advantage of the sublingual factor. Other size it mostly has to pass through your digestive system. Because of that, be sure and use a high CBD percentage in each gummies.

“All Points of View”

Wide and broad and deep and high is the far-reaching effect of CBD hemp and all the products made from it. If you are new to the hemp community, you have an adventure ahead of you determining what is most effective for you recreationally or benefits related. You may very well dual dose taking it by oral and topical or smoking and topical. From experience, I will tell you that the topical is much more effective for me with my osteoarthritis and the gummies or tincture works best for a mood stabilizer. 


Today’s Blog Referencefinding your muse in the hemp community

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