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Strain ReviewAll You Ever Wanted to Know — Highest and Best CBD Hemp Strains

All You Ever Wanted to Know — Highest and Best CBD Hemp Strains

There is the best and then there is the highest CBD hemp strains. Which are you interested in? Your answer may be, “Of course all of it!” If so. that is the purpose of this post. We want to feed you desires and answer your questions.

Elektra — High CBD Hemp Strains

Elektra is the strong hold of all high-CBD hemp flowers.  It offers a rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus aroma lifting it to rise up higher. Elektra has a high number of terpenes which contribute to the savors as well as to the health benefits. It assists asthma suffers; the young and older with ADD/ADHD as well as relief for the PTSD symptoms and inflammation.  Elektra should always be at the top of your list at a sativa-dominant cross with a steady 16% to 22% CBD content.

Cherry Wine — Best CBD Hemp Strains

Cherry Wine, a cross between the Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, contains at least 15.4% CBD. It has a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, so the benefits of enjoyment and health are many. Cherry Wine smells of sweet cherry with hints of black pepper and cheese.  Another option for your “the best, the highest” CBD hemp strains.

Bubba Kush — Best and Highest

If you are Kush fan, then you will fall in love with Bubba Kush, another high CBD strain at 13%.  It is an excellent, down-to-earth taste with hints of wood and citrus. Some even taste nutmeg in the aftertaste.  Kush is a frequently smoked flower with health benefits of more restful sleep, anti-anxiety and a lingering calm.

Super Lemon Haze — CBD Hemp Strain Enthusiast Favorite

Super Lemon Haze if for all the fans out there of citrus savors. If you buy the right version of Super Lemon Haze. This is another top of the list excellent option for every CBD enthusiast.  Super Lemon Haze climbs the ladder at between 15 to 20% CBD with a sweet citrusy savor.

Hawaiian Haze — The Best for a Tropical Vacation

Hawaiian Haze contains approximately 20% CBD oil and, as such, is plentiful in relaxing effects as well as health benefits. The lovely tropical savor of pineapple and citrus delights the user. Welcome to an Hawaiian vacation filled with beauty, relaxation and scents of fruit with pine.

Sour Space — CBD Hemp Strain Goes to Space

If you love to have your tongue tweaked then come on down and enjoy Sour Space. It climbs the ladder at 15% to 20% CBD and is loaded with beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Sour Space tastes very similar to sour candy from its lineage with Sour Diesel. Sour Space will meet every one of your needs after a hard day’s work to mellow and relax.

Cherry Abacus — CBD Hemp Strain Goes for a Spin!

Cherry Abacus comes in close to Elektra with a strong pine smell with hints of berry. It has a potent cannabinoid and terpene profile containing 20% CBD.  Potent strains have fantastic relaxing properties which can be consumed day or night. Up your game with Cherry Abacus.

Cherry Blossom — The Best to “Cherry Up!”

The Cherry Blossom strain rises to 20% CBD with amazingly calm effects and pain relief. It has a subtle earthy cherry savor with making it incredible to consume besides providing CBD health benefits.  Cherry Blossom is the choice for the experienced user as well as the novice

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