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Hemp Strains“ARTICLE OF THE WEEK” — Jumping Rope with CBD Hemp Flower Strains

“ARTICLE OF THE WEEK” — Jumping Rope with CBD Hemp Flower Strains

“Jumping rope with CBD hemp flower strains is definitely an exercise like none other and is also complete with a variety of savors.”

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  • Introduction


  • The Indica Type
  • The Sativa Type
  • The Hybrid Type


  • Flavors and Aromas Run Wild
  • Hemp Flower has Effects


  • The Cannabinoid Factor
  • The Terpene Factor
  • “Jumping Rope” Points of View
  • Today’s Blog Reference

The number of CBD flower strains may not be known but we do know that the number is growing daily as researchers and breeders are busy creating the next best flower strain. As the researchers found out more and more about the various cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp flower and what they were capable of doing for our health or on the recreational front as well, they better knew which ones to better express.

In the beginning, everyone wanted the CBD from hemp because all the hemp strains were high in CBD. The word spread fast, and the processors found out how to extract the CBD oil so that those who did not smoke how a way to start dosing with CBD. The breeders started developing strains with higher and higher CBD so that it was more plentiful to extract or for those who enjoyed smoking, received more health benefits even though using it primarily for recreational purposes.

Now CBD flower strains are multiplying faster than can be counted and named more creatively than the last one.  This is all good for everyone as the list of health benefits for the consumer continues to get longer. It is really good for the farmers who struggle with the standard crops of corn, beans and wheat. Now they had a crop that left the soil with more nutrients than before it was planted so now, they did not have to engage in crop rotation.

The demand may have been in its infancy but before long, the demand from individuals demand exploded for these strains for health and for recreation as well. And the bottom line was that the new products manufactured grew as fast as the breeders developed hemp strains that were needed for extracting the various cannabinoids.

CBD Hemp Flower StrainsIntroduction

There are various ways to categorize the strains that are in circulation presently. Part of this is because different people use hemp flower for different purposes. If someone wants to smoke one of the hemp pre-rolls or one that the user rolled, it is important to know if it is the indica type of the sativa type to know the best time of the day to smoke a certain flower.  There are also hybrid CBD hemp flower strains which will have a combination of relaxing/calming effect and energizing.

Then there are families of flower strains such as the Kush strains, the haze strains and others. Each of the strains in these families are somewhat different but they have benchmarks that cause them to stand out as related. If you are using the CBD from the hemp flowers for health reasons, then you will have certain strains particular to your conditions. There are certain cannabinoids and certain terpenes that have specific benefits which will help with particular strains.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Indica Type

The indica type has the effects of relaxing the user and bringing a calm to them. Many individuals use the indica type hemp flowers to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. The Indica type flower strains are also useful for those struggling with insomnia. When you want to have a pool party in the evening with some friends, the Indica strains are the best for a relaxing time and then you will be ready for a night’s sleep.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Sativa Type

Next, we look at the Sativa type flower strains which are the opposite from the Indica. Sativa type flower is energizing and provides a more productive drive, so it is not a good strain for the evening time.

The strains include the sativa plants that grow tall and thin with narrower leaves than the indica type. They also usually sport a lighter shade of green in the hemp flower and they mature at a slower pace and require more light as they grow.

The Sativa strains and the hybrids which are Sativa dominant will include easing of anxiety, depression and also is a mood uplifter. Users may also experience relief from chronic pain.  The hemp strains which are Sativa are also beneficial in increased focus, productivity and creativity so obviously it is for daytime use.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Hybrid Type

The flower strains have a third type which is hybrid. There are a variety of combinations that are possible. The breeders are mostly responsible for the different variations because they know how to express the type, the terpene profile and the collection of cannabinoids.

There are a great many combinations of flower strains when we come to discussing hybrid. Some of the varieties you may see are as follows:

  • 50% sativa and 50% indica,
  • Lower % sativa and higher % indica – Indica-dominant,
  • Higher % sativa and lower % indica – Sativa-dominant.

Any of the strains which are 50/50 hybrid will be for use either daytime or nighttime. Their effects will be equal down the line on all aspects of the flower.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Flavors & Aromas Run Wild

There is no doubt that the flavors and aromas are the reason many people smoke or dry vape the hemp flower. It rivals the savors of marijuana that many like but prefer not the high of cannabis marijuana. The savors run wild with earthy, lemon citrus, lavender and a whole host of other flavors and aromas from dozens of different terpenes. We will discuss in more detail later in the article all the different terpenes that are frequently found.

There is not just one thing that makes for the effects of your experience when smoking or dry vaping CBD flower. Your experience is impacted by whether any of them are Sativa vs Indica or energizing vs relaxing.

The experience you have is as much about the multitude of flavors and aromas that the flower exudes in the process of a good smoke.  When you want to determine or evaluate the experience you want or you expect, look at both the type of the flower strain and the terpenes it sports.

The Cannabinoid Factor

Now when speaking about the cannabinoid factor, we are taking a different aspect of. The cannabinoids are the main source of what carries the multitude of health benefits people are enjoying. The cannabinoids of the hemp flowers include the most commonly researched one of CBD, next most common, CBG then we come to CBN and today we now have Delta 8 THC, the non-intoxicating sibling of Delta 9 THC.

The breeders are continually looking for ways to better express certain cannabinoids which are changing people lives by eliminating pain, reducing inflammation and anxiety. Even the medical profession has taken notice so much that they continually are conducting clinical trials. The FDA has approved more than one drug made with particular hemp strains so there is no doubt that hemp extract works

The Terpenes Factor

The flower strains may be complex in any sense of the word but, interestingly enough, scientist and researchers continue to do substantial research so that the complexity does not have to remain a mystery. The terpenes help the hemp plant when it is growing, and they give outstanding and much desired savors. But that is not all because the terpenes have health benefits as well

What is the bottom line here? When you consume CBD hemp flower in whatever form, you get health benefits from the cannabinoids and from the terpenes all the savors, at least if you smoke or dry vape it.

The Delta 8 Flower Factor

Now there is a new kid in town and one you do not want to miss. It is Delta 8 THC, the non-intoxicating sibling of Delta 9 THC. Hemp is required to have 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less, in order to be legal but there is no limit on Delta 8 THC. Even though it is similar to Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 may push the energizing up a few notches, but the user always remains able to function in the routines of the day but will be more productive.

Delta 8 is a trace cannabinoid in all the hemp flower strains, so that is the reason that it has not been at the top of the list to research and you have probably not realized any benefit because it is a trace cannabinoid. But now that researchers have determined that the Delta 8 THC provides a new brand of effects but still does not intoxicate nor is it addictive nor does it cause you to lose several days because of the psychoactive high that Delta 9 THC throws you into.

Now you know what the content of this article is but next we are going into more detail about these specific topics that we have briefed above. There is so much information today about hemp, the hemp flower and all the cannabinoids and terpenes that make a difference.

CBD Hemp Flower StrainsSECTION I — CBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Indica Type

The hemp strains definitely include the Indica type contrary to what much information claims. Terminology is important and it is important to be accurate in terminology. Cannabis is not just marijuana; cannabis is also hemp. There are Indica type hemp flowers just like there are Indica type marijuana flowers.

We are discussing hemp flower strains, but Indica is not a strain, it is a type just like Sativa is a type and Hybrid is a type 50/50 Indica/Sativa. To get the best from the information about the hemp strains, you must know the right terminology.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Describing theCBD hemp flower strains Indica Type Plant

The hemp flower strains which are the Indica type is a low-growing scrub-like plant with a stout center stem and closed spaced leaves.  Indica type plants are generally under 6 feet and with thick and dense resinous buds. These strains include a multitude being developed to be relaxing and calming but NOT sedative with a couchlock.

They which are Indica strains have also have a distinctive color which is darker and broader and thicker fan leaves. Generally speaking, the indica strains take between 8 to 9 weeks to flower.

The hemp flowers which are Indica type on average, have more fruity terpenes like myrcene. So, the straight Indica and the Indica-dominant hybrids sometimes provide a slight fruity or sour note, but Indica is more known for pungent aroma.

Here are some specifics of the Indica hemp flower savors.

  • Bubba Kush Hemp Flower has a smell range prevalence between the OG Kush and the Purple Hindu Kush. It also possesses a unique triad of spices such as fennel, clove and licorice that of sweet sugar cake.
  • Magic Bullet Hemp Flower has aromatic notes of grape, ginger, spice, and earthiness.
  • Sweet and Sour Widow Hemp Flower is one of the high CBD Indica strains and one of the most resinous breeds around with white hairs shooting out the buds with a frosty covering of trichomes.
  • Special Sauce Hemp Flower is known for a strong, sweet pine aroma with a hint of earthy berry. The taste is smooth, sweet and musky.

 Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Indica Flowers

Indica type flowers are a real thing. Some say the Indica type is only cannabis marijuana and not cannabis hemp. That is incorrect because hemp has Indica type flowers and here are some of the more classic strains that are favorites

  • Charlotte’s Web which contains 300 times higher than the average CBD strain with little to no Delta 9 THC content but with long, tapered buds with olive green leaves. The first FDA-approved drug using CBD is Epidolex and it is made with Charlotte’s Web strain.
  • Bubba Kush CBD plant that grow as little bushes with a stout center stem. It also sports wide shade leaves which lean into the indica strain of the cannabis plant but still shares 30% with sativa. Bubba Kush is a hybrid but at 70% so we will keep this flower in the Indica type.
  • Magic Bullet Hemp Flower provides full-body relaxation and mental calm. This Magic Bullet strain comes in around 18% CBD.
  • Special Sauce Hemp Flower is the most popular indica-dominant hemp strains and a cross between the original Special Sauce strain and Early Rosin Berry. It typically contains over 15 different cannabinoids and terpenes, making it one of the most diverse strain profiles. The total CBD percentage is typically in the 16-19% range.

Matching Wits with “The Flower”

  • They sport pungent aromas for the Indica flowers.
  • Usually show high CBD percentages 16 to 19%.
  • Indica strains take 8 to 9 weeks to flower.
  • Always have high percentage of CBD as well as other beneficial cannabinoids
  • These hemp strains help with anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, insomnia and other chronic conditions.

CBD Hemp Flower StrainsCBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Sativa Type

It may be that most flower strains are Sativa or Sativa-dominant so let’s look at some special hemp flowers for this type. The Sativa type of hemp talks about focus, productivity and more energy. These strains are the smokable hemp flower you want at 2 pm in the afternoon when your bank of energy just cashed out.

Of all the hemp flowers in a hemp pre-roll you want laying on your bedside stand for those funky lack-lustre morning are any one of the Sativa type

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Describing the Sativa Hemp PlantCBD Hemp Flower strains

The sativa type are usually a light green in color with orange hairs and their buds are tall and fluffy.  These strains which are Sativa type grow tall with thin, light-colored fan leaves. Generally, it takes these plants from 10 – 12 weeks to mature for harvest.

The flower strains which identify as Sativa have strong traces of the terpene limonene which throws its weight to the citrus fruits like lime and lemon for the most delightful aroma. Sativa type hemp flowers are generally strong in Myrcene and Caryophyllene terpenes along with — limonene and pinene

  • Lemon Aid Hemp Flower features savors o candy, citrus and fruit savors, a definite must of the many strains.
  • One of the more important hemp flower strains is the Elektra hemp flower as far as all the lovely savors. They have a sticky to the touch feel and buds of green and orange giving off a rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus aroma as well as sniffing a bunch of flowers in a pine grove.
  • Papaya Nights Hemp Flower sports a savors profile of fruit, juice, haze and earth and is always indoor-grown along with therapeutics for relief from pain and inflammation. These two things are directly connected to any type of arthritis at any age.
  • The common savors of Fiju Hemp Flower are hazy and tropical so owns its place in hemp world

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Sativa Type Hemp Flowers

The effects are outstanding for health impact being that of energy and creativeness.

  • Elektra Hemp Flower which is a hybrid, but we are talking about it here as it is a sativa-dominant with 16% – 22% CBD content. Elektra is the answer to managing almost any condition from cancer to epilepsy to chronic pain.
  • Papaya Nights stands at a strong 17% – 19.7% CBD so holds a high spot in the list of strains.
  • The Fuji Hemp Flower exhibits 23% CBD and bulbous buds. Whether cultivated outdoors or indoors, these buds are hand trimmed with care and precision.
  • The Lemon-Aid Hemp Flower is a potent flower containing over 14% CBD It sports super-dense buds with a saturation of trichomes. This flower is generally grown indoors.

Matching Wits with “The Flower

  • The Sativa type hemp flower takes 10 to 12 weeks to mature to harvest.
  • Let’s stand strong in Myrcene and Caryophyllene terpenes if they are Sativa.
  • Let’s hail Papaya Nights hemp flower at 17 to 19% CBD.

CBD Hemp Flower StrainsCBD Hemp Flower Strains – The Hybrid Type

The hemp flowers also have a variety of hybrid types that are unique with a bouquet of savors. Another neat thing about the hybrid type is that you can consume them daytime of nighttime so is effective when you have a condition you need to dose for throughout the day and night.

The hybrid type gives you hemp flower a smorgasbord of flavors and aromas and effects. It will be an explorative journey as you in the percentage of Indica and Sativa you want and what works best for you. They come in all percentages of the two types and the hybrid flowers that make up the hybrid part and the hemp flower strains will be different as well.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Describing Hybrid Hemp Flower Plants

We know that the hemp flower have basically two types and they each have a distinctive plant style. So, when we are looking at the hybrid plant, we also have a hybrid shape hemp plant. It will be a mix of bushy with some height.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Hybrid Flavors and Aromas

Hybrid hemp flowers share attributes, but the purpose of the hybrid is to take the best from both types and put it in one, so they are theCBD Hemp Flower Strains most varied and diverse.  Generally speaking, the Sativa type and the Indica type hemp flowers have “typical’ savors. However, each flower is differently endowed with a varying terpene profile so the flavors and aromas will be different for each flower.

  • Cherry Blossom has a dank aroma as well as having a delightful fruity berry aromas. Sweet and strong, it also contains savors of cherry and fresh flowers.
  • CB Dawg Hemp Flower has these savors of a powerful grape aroma blast accompanied by a lift of none other than cherry pie. The blend of sativa and indica terpenes in this one delivers a CBD experience close to perfect of relaxation and subtle stimulation.
  • Hawaiian Haze gives the aromatherapy experience of a lifetime lit up with fragrances light exploding juicy peach and hints of lavender. Hawaiian Haze smoke experience is not cough-inducing for those who have respiratory sensitives.
  • The Harlequin hemp bud is dense, round and colored in an amazing outpouring of colors and crystal trichomes so that means there is a voluminous terpene profile.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Hybrid Flowers

  • Included is the CB Dawg Hemp Flower, with more than 15% CBD. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, but it has interesting great-grandparents by the name of the Sour Diesel strain and the OG Kush strain.
  • Included is the Cherry Blossom which is a cross between Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom. This is a seedless flower that is a 70/30 blend of and an Indica dominant with17% CBD.
  • The Harlequin Hemp Flower, a sativa-leaning hybrid with high-CBD content.
  • White CBG that also has around 15% CBG and a set of therapeutic benefits to reduce anxiety, produce more mindfulness and improve sleep.
  • Included is the ACDC Hemp Flower typically 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, however this strain leans more heavily towards Sativa.
  • The hybrid type Hawaiian Haze hemp flower, but it is sativa dominant with a range of 15% to 21% CBD content and within the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

Matching Wits with Flower Strains

  • The hybrid strains offer a smorgasbord of flavors and aromas and effects.
  • The White CBG hemp flower strain has a lot of the terpene guaiol which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, which is rare.
  • The ACDC Hemp Flower typically 50% Sativa and 50% Indica but leans Sativa.

CBD Hemp Flower StrainsSECTION II — CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Flavors & Aromas Run Wild

Each have an edge on flavors and aromas for those who go after that part of hemp flowers.  And besides that, there are a plethora of flavors and aromas and they come in a variety of combinations. Some may think that the strains are complicated and difficult to define all the aspects of them. It is for that reason that we focus on separating the facts and ins and outs.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Flavors vs Aromas

The hemp flowers have both flavors and aromas, and they have differences. Here are the differences between some of the savors.  The flower strains have so many delicious savors and we sometimes do not look at the aromas and flavors separately so that is what we are doing here.


Aroma – Sweet and floral, pepper-like and citrus.

Flavor – Sweet and fresh


Aroma — Menthol, camphor and pungent

Flavor — Bitter and minty


Aroma – woody, clove-like.

Flavor — peppermint-like


Aroma — Floral, citrus and woody

Flavor — Flowery and woody


Aroma – Woody and spicey

Flavor – Earthy and undertones of powerful hops.


Aroma – Dank, earthy, musky and mango-like.

Flavor — Hints of mango and lots of dank.


Aroma – citrus and a sharp, fruity aroma.

Flavor – Sweet and citrus


Aroma — piney.

Flavor — Earthy and minty.


Aroma — Floral.

Flavor — light, crisp taste that resembles lavender ice cream

All the hemp flower strains have terpenes in varying amounts and varying combinations. The terpenes appear on the surface of the hemp flower nug as frost. There are varying factors during the growing time that contribute to a better coating of terpenes.

Jumping with CBD Hemp Flower Strains – Starting with Terpenes

Hemp flower strains have terpenes but varying profiles of them so, what are they? They are aromatic chemicals which grow within sticky resins of the mature hemp flower nug. But they are responsible for so many aspects of the hemp flower and how it is used.  They are responsible for effects, savors and health benefits.

All the elements of the hemp flower work together to create what those in the hemp community refer to as the Entourage Effect. But it takes all the compounds, and that Entourage Effect will not happen otherwise. The terpenes have other functions besides savors, but the health benefits come into play when all the cannabinoids, enzymes, flavonoids, etc are present.

The terpenes can also intensify the health benefits from the hemp flower no matter what strain it is along with the existing cannabinoids.  To look at a few of the health benefits let’s start with some of the better-known terpenes.

  • Pinene — Effective for asthma as a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory and to improve memory and alertness.
  • Bisabolol – Effective for skin inflammation as an anti-fungal and also it has gastro-protective qualities.
  • Caryophyllene – It is considered an anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory useful for skin treatments.

Matching Wits for “The Flower”

  • terpenes that have savors and health benefits.
  • the Entourage Effect when all compounds are engaged.
  • cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more

    CBD hemp flower strains“Jumping Rope” Points of View

    As you start your adventure of reviewing and experimenting with hemp strains, you may feel like you are jumping rope and hurling through any number of hoops. But there are many rewards down the road in aromas, flavors, effects and health benefits. You may become more knowledgeable but probably not an expert because the inventory is growing by the day and week and every year. New strains, new health benefits and new effects just keep on coming to the delight of the hemp community and beyond. Enjoy the journey, relish the exploration and always be ready to try the newest and maybe the best hemp strain yet.

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