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Strain Review“Berry Merry” Over Berry Blossom Hemp Strain

“Berry Merry” Over Berry Blossom Hemp Strain

The berry blossom hemp strain is the most popular \’\’and newest high CBD strain. It is well-deserving of its name with the beautiful pink dense \’\’and sticky bud.

Beginnings of Berry Blossom Hemp Strain

This hybrid is a descendant of these two parents – Chardonnay \’\’and Cherry Kandahar S1. The unique parents provide a combination of floral \’\’and fruity flavors for the flavor profile of the Berry Blossom hemp strain.

Berry Blossom has claims of “sainthood” as some said it to be the tree of life with significant health benefits. The Berry Blossom genetics contributed to multiple pleasures in the recreational area \’\’and relief from health challenges in the medical field. This proprietary cross belongs to one of the most beautiful ones packing a non-psychoactive serious punch.

“Berry Merry” Sensation of it All

Berry Blossom for the Sensation

As an indica-dominant strain, Berry Blossom may lean towards the sedative side of it all but despite that, it does not couch lock its users but provides a nice blend of mental clarity.  It is the class of clarity that lends itself towards slow \’\’and steady productivity.

Berry Blossom hemp strain is also on h\’\’and for a mere relaxing time by the fireplace entertaining a pleasantly unoccupied mind on a wintry evening.  Post-dose, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a calm lightness as a precursor to being awake or falling asleep.

Speaking to the first whiff, an aromatic blend of fruity, berry fragrances ensues. Secondly, during the draw the Berry Blossom will exude a strong fragrance of a woody, earthy bitterness.  This can revive \’\’and engage your senses to a neutralized experience from the first encounter.

Berry Blossom can also provide another experience when using it to vape. It may help clear away any lingering gasoline taste with a fruity, berry flavor.

Genetics for Berry Blossom Hemp Strain

The Berry Blossom hemp strain, a cross between Cherry Kandahar S1 \’\’and Chardonnay produces a large pink dense bud. Berry Blossom is known for its high CBD content \’\’and its strong terpene profile providing a potent aroma of sweet berries \’\’and candied raspberries but exotic all the way.  The majority of the seeds test from 12% to18% CBD \’\’and 0.3% THC.

Savors of Berry Blossom Hemp Strain

Berry Blossom Hemp Strain Flower

Berry Blossom hemp buds flower has a unique palette of aromas \’\’and tastes as well as claiming “eye c\’\’andy” with a gorgeous pink bud. This is a sativa dominant strain so boast long, wispy-like leaves. This hemp strain is sweet in taste, aroma \’\’and an impressive 12% to 17% CBD

The smell also has savors of ripe berries \’\’and at times dominated by a fuel-like tone.  Terpene profile for taste is consistently a sweet berry flavor with a unique woodsy finish which is most noted with a vaporize rather than of a combust.

Berry Blossom Therapeutics

The fact remains that any high-CBD content hemp strain holds numerous benefits for your health. Berry Blossom is a new contributor to the medical side of the market because it is one of “the new kids” on the block. Consequently, there is little documentation of specific benefits from specific use for this hemp strain.

Berry Blossom Hemp Strain

Its huge cannabinoid \’\’and terpene profiles make it an ideal use for those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks \’\’and insomnia. Generally speaking, the terpene myrcene shows reduction in inflammation as well. Berry Blossom is suitable for times of anxiety \’\’and nighttime to lessen stress \’\’and tension for better sleep \’\’and relaxation.

My “Berry Merry” Words

The Berry Blossom is one of the highest CBD flowers cultivated with fresh, lively hard-hitting fruit flavors reminiscent of acai \’\’and other berry flavors. Its pleasures extend to all the savors \’\’and influences all the senses. This strain has dense, large pink buds with a strong terpene profile. The great sweet aroma of berries makes the 9-week flowering strain the hemp community’s darling.


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