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Strain Review“Dreamin'” with Blue Dream Hemp Strain

“Dreamin'” with Blue Dream Hemp Strain

Dreams are unreal even though they seem real at the time.  Blue Dream hemp strain has an unverified history even though we do know its parents. It is unclear where Blue Dream was first bred \’\’and grown. But one thing is perfectly clear is the powerful yet restricted stimulant daytime effects.

In the Beginning \’\’and History

Blue Dream was nicknamed Azure Haze by some when it was first bred. A union between Blueberry strain \’\’and Haze strain resulted in the high-CBD potent Blue Dream hemp strain.  Even though Haze gives the dominant sativa influence, Blueberry still provides an impact of indica.

Even today, Blue Dream hemp strain is referred to as the West Coast high-CBD hemp strain.

“Dream” the Dream

Blue Dream moderately stimulates which makes it a popular strain for the afternoon sag at work. The stimulation extends beyond the first sensation to protract through the evening with friends at a bar or poolside.

Blue Dream is a dreamy dream to lighten the mood right through the doorway to creativity \’\’and a sharpened focus. This high-CBD strain provides a quirky twist in flavors in a swirl of bitterness \’\’and softness to the tongue.

Smoking enhance the potency of Blue Dream to give the essence of a holistic experience. The peculiar holistic event is an engagement of sight, smell, taste \’\’and the feel of it all. The vapor smoothly coats the mouth with a sugary blueberry exhale.

Dreamin’ About Blue Dream Genetics

Blue Dream hemp strain may provide a dreamy accelerating experience but more like what dreams are made of when searching for genetic history.  Except for its two parents, the history oracles are empty, wiped clean. But it did raise eyebrows when it strode into the medical community as a victor ready to serve.

Blue Dream always produces high-CBD content flower between 11% \’\’and 16% \’\’and staying at 0.3% THC. The bud is sticky \’\’and dense with a nice frosting of trichomes.  It typically finishes its flowering period in 60 to 70 days in a greenhouse environment. Since it grows to a height of 10 to 13 feet, growers prefer outside accommodations for this particular hemp strain.

Color, Taste, Aroma

Blue Dream balances a full body of flavorful relaxation \’\’and a simple cerebral invigoration with the vibrant colors, the taste \’\’and the aroma.  This hemp flower puts magic back in the senses with an assault of savory potency. Its flavors of blueberry \’\’and citrus delight the tongue \’\’and ease softly down the throat.

The terpenes lend a blend of aromas from herbal to peppery to pine. It also savors of sweet berry as loyalty to its blueberry parent.

Blue Dream Makes Dreams Come True — Therapeutics

This high CBD hemp flower delivers quick relief to some symptoms without heavy sedation.  This hemp strain totes as a preferred daytime relief for depression \’\’and some anxiety. Blue Dream provides a full body relaxation but also blends in mental alertness. This convenient blend is great for relieving or managing daytime pain.

My Concluding Words

Blue Dream, high in CBD content, gives a dreamy relaxing but uplifting mood st\’\’andard \’\’and all the while delights the body with pain relief \’\’and anxiety management. It is enjoyed daily in the communities of hemp users for enjoyment \’\’and for therapeutic benefits.


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