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Strain ReviewBlue vs. Purple vs Green — CBD Hemp Flower Strain of it All

Blue vs. Purple vs Green — CBD Hemp Flower Strain of it All

Each CBD hemp flower strain is not all about color, but it definitely adds to the overall beauty. Today we are accenting the color as well as high CBD content, delicious savors \’\’and mounting health benefits. The hemp flower strains are multiplying quickly as cultivators exercise their talents in crossing on strain with another to accentuate the best in both of them.

CBD Hemp Flower Strain – Blue Genius

Blue Genius CBD hemp flower strain has 13% to 17% CBD \’\’and smells good enough to eat or to set as a centerpiece on the table for his floral attributes.  This hemp flower is a sativa-dominant strain first bred \’\’and grown in Oregon.

Blue Genius hemp strain is known for helping alleviate stress \’\’and giving an uplift to the spirits when depressed or stressed in order to look forward to a more productive day. The aroma of pine which smoked or vaped is uplifting in \’\’and of itself.

This hemp strain produces from large, fluffy flowers to small, dense flowers. These buds are wrapped in peach-colored pistils giving a pleasurable sight of all aspects of this flower which are ashen green \’\’and reddish-gold. On top of that this beauty if accentuated by a heavy luscious covering of amber trichomes.

The Blue Genius hemp flowers, fragrant \’\’and covered in high CBD resin with a wide array of terpenes that is rare in developed hemp strains.  Providing calm in place of anxiety, relaxation rather than stress \’\’and an uplift instead of depression will always give an upswing for a productive day.

CBD Hemp Flower Strain – The Purple Lifter

The Purple Lifter hemp flower is a high-grade indoor flower which is sativa leaning strain.  It is pesticide free \’\’and st\’\’ands at 18.96% CBD 0.07% THC.  It has, of course, purple undertones in the flowers \’\’and leaves so is rightly named.  Purple Lifter is organically grown, free of pesticides \’\’and always third party lab tested for the highest purity.

The Purple Lifter hemp flower is a much sought after CBD-rich strain. It comes with a sweet funky cheese flavor, some hints of lemon aroma \’\’and a hint of fuel.

This CBD hemp flower strain is bred by Oregon CBD \’\’and it is a cultivar created by Suver Haze \’\’and Early Resin Bud. Purple Lifter is known for a  gentle cerebral focus \’\’and energy but a body relaxation. It is a gently invigorating strain that will increase your focus \’\’and energy but still relax the body.

This CBD hemp flower strain is great for relieving all kinds of stress, aches \’\’and pains. Its therapeutics include combating inflammation, arthritis pain, migraines, \’\’and muscle spasms. This strain is optimal for daytime \’\’and evening usage.

CBD Hemp Flower Strain – Green Gum

The Green Gum CBD hemp flower strain is a popular choice when it comes to an impressive combination of cannabinoids with a range of medical benefits. Green Gum hemp strain leads its users up the path to increased vigor, significant clarity but not overpowering the person. This particular strain may also induce some drowsiness or on the other h\’\’and a kind of energetic lift in mood. But most of all, Green Gum is always steady \’\’and stable much to the delight of its users.

Green Gum CBD hemp flower strain is always consistent in effects as well when the effects turn on. It is not immediate after the first drag, but the effect does ignite in about thirty minutes.  From there, the mind quiets \’\’and the mental clutter clears but the user always maintains razor sharp concentration. The CBD in Green Gum relaxes the muscles, lifts the tensions \’\’and gives rise to a sense of comfort.

Green Gum hemp strain is an indica-dominant strain, so it is not what you want to whisk you away to dreaml\’\’and. Green Gum is what you want to give clarity as well as a meditative state of mind \’\’and body.

Therapeutic Benefits

The Green Gum CBD hemp buds strain contains a high amount of CBD \’\’and CBG cannabinoids, both known for a variety of medical benefits.

CBD — provides relief to depression, anxiety, \’\’and post-traumatic stress \’\’and improves sleeping patterns, reduces cognitive impairments, nervousness; Overall, it is a potent calming cannabinoid.

CBG — potent pain-relieving effects, ease symptoms of cancer, such as increasing appetite \’\’and blocking growth of cancer cells, minimize the intraocular eye pressure.

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