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Strain ReviewBoax Bubblegum vs Green Gum CBD Flower Strains

Boax Bubblegum vs Green Gum CBD Flower Strains

Generational Lineage

Boax Bubblegum CBD hemp flower is a 60 indica /40 sativa blend so has both effects for users.  It is a hybrid strain, a well-balanced Indica dominant strain.  Boax Bubblegum strain is a high CBD flower sitting at 20.25% CBD.  The parents of Boax Bubblegum hemp strain are Boax \’\’and Bubblegum offering a versatile combination of flavors from sweet to piney. This hybrid strain creates a calming relaxation, but no drowsiness.

Green gum CBD flower strain parental lineage is unknown \’\’and there are not a lot of facts \’\’and figures about strain. Green gum is listed among the best CBD hemp flower choices because of the impressive effects. The Green Gum hemp strain is a hybrid \’\’and one that is easy to cultivate. The yield of the Green Gum hemp plant varies according to what type of cultivation process \’\’and care \’\’and whether it is grown indoors or outdoors.

Effects — CBD Flower Strain

Boax Bubblegum hemp strain is a potent CBD strain that lends powerful effects without any psychoactivity. This hemp strain positively impacts both cognitively \’\’and physically \’\’and is long lasting for a couple hours as it is strong \’\’and gripping. Boax Bubblegum CBD flower hemp strain is clothed in bold aromatics to take your senses on a trip before even taking the first taste. Some of the potent benefits are keeping you task-focused while elevating you to calm relaxation free of mental clutter.

Some hemp strains take time to move the user to their level of relaxation but not so with Boax Bubblegum hemp strain.  It goes live almost instantly “bubbling” to a state of cool calm then rises to the feeling of vigor.

Green Gum CBD flower hemp strain leads its users up the path to increased vigor, significant clarity but not overpowering the person. This particular strain may also induce some drowsiness or on the other h\’\’and a kind of energetic lift in mood. But most of all, Green Gum is always steady \’\’and stable much to the delight of its users.

Green Gum CBD flower strain is always consistent in effects as well when the effects turn on. It is not immediate after the first drag, but the effect does ignite in about thirty minutes.  From there, the mind quiets \’\’and the mental clutter clears but the user always maintains razor sharp concentration. The CBD in Green Gum relaxes the muscles, lifts the tensions \’\’and gives rise to a sense of comfort.

Savors of CBD Flower Strains

Boax Bubblegum CBD flower hemp strain takes on a slight hint of floral. On the side of the Boax parent strain, it floats a medley of savors \’\’and flavors of earth \’\’and wood to only compliment all the other savors in the hemp flower giving delight to the taste, the eye \’\’and the aroma. Overpowering \’\’and distinct, it is universally liked because of the packet of savors it provides.  Since Boax Bubblegum hemp strain is all about taste, try it with a flower vape to smoke rather than having the burned taste from igniting. So now the flavor is the best \’\’and it is a healthier option.

Green Gum CBD flower hemp strain has strong pinene, a terpene that has a characteristic of a strong pine aroma. It provides feelings of alertness, focus, better memory retention as well as creative inspiration. If there is THC in the hemp strain, Pinene counteracts some of the adverse effects. Its taste is mild \’\’and modest of pine, earthy \’\’and hints of sweetness.

Therapeutics of CBD Flower Strain

Boax Bubblegum CBD flower strain is not the answer for achieving a restful daytime rest or a better quality of nighttime sleep. There are two kinds of calm – the calm that imparts focus \’\’and clarity for daytime duties or the calm that leans into silence \’\’and peace for effortless sleep. Indica dominant is better for relaxation \’\’and restful sleep.

The Green Gum CBD flower strain contains a high amount of CBD \’\’and CBG cannabinoids, both known for a variety of medical benefits.

  • CBD — provides relief to depression, anxiety, \’\’and post-traumatic stress \’\’and improves sleeping patterns, reduces cognitive impairments, nervousness; Overall, it is a potent calming cannabinoid.
  • CBG — potent pain-relieving effects, ease symptoms of cancer, such as increasing appetite \’\’and blocking growth of cancer cells, minimize the intraocular eye pressure.

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