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cbdBringing the Ball Home with CBD Flower Strains

Bringing the Ball Home with CBD Flower Strains

“With CBD flower strains that are in the market today we have an amazing number of choices for savors and health reasons.” The good news also is that other strains are created on a consistent continuum by breeders taking note of what consumers want.

For the hemp users who are in love with CBD flower strains primarily for recreational purposes, they are finding new combinations for effects and savors.  There are ways to better express certain terpenes so that they are more potent in taste and aromas. But then we cannot forget those who are looking to hemp for health reasons. So come with me as we look at more.

Dr. Strains “Ghosts” Monstrous Hemp Flower Specials

Wedding Cake D8 Hemp Flower @ $24.99

presenting the best CBD flower

This Indoor Wedding Cake D8 flower has a sweet and earthy aroma. With over 23% delta 8 this flower should leave you feeling relaxed with a clear active mind.  Wedding Cake is packed with 20% CBD and is packed with a mixture of natural terpene profiles. This indoor flower aims to leave you anxiety-free with a clear mind!  This flower has a tight trim and is packed with trichomes! Wedding cake is originated in California and is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies which are known for its Indica effects.



zkittlescbd-600x450Zkittlez Hemp Flower at$24.99$41.99

Zkittlez hemp flowerhas rapidly become a fan-favorite in the last few years. Our Zkittlez is Greenhouse grown, offering nothing but the best quality of an Indica flower that will not leave you feeling like a couch potato.  CBD flower lover’s tools need the right kind of hemp flower and this strain is the exact one you need. Zkittlez is a breed from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, providing the user a flavorful fruity experience. Although an Indica, Zkittlez is a great strain to use to relax during any time of the day.



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With CBD flower strains multiplying even as we speak here, the strains are also becoming more potent, more luscious with terpenes and better cannabinoid profiles. The breeders who create the hybrid strains usually do not do it randomly. There is a purpose and reason why they breed one strain with another strains. Usually, it is to create a better terpene profile with terpenes that complement each other and a mix of flavors and aromas that are even more tantalizing.

But there is something else that they must consider and that is the cannabinoid profile. As we already know, the cannabinoids are the health nuggets. Everybody knows about CBD but there are so many more like CBN, CBC, CBG and more are showing up all the time as they are able to express them better by creating certain hybrids. And the manufacturers have perfected the methods of extracting the various cannabinoids to make concentrates of certain cannabinoids and/or terpenes even.

Image result for royalty free images of haze hemp flower strains

With CBD Flower Strains – “Going, Going, Gone All Hazy”

The famous haze strains must be credited to the Haze Brothers in the beginning.  These brothers were skilled cannabis growers till they attempted to replicate the plants they had been growing. In the process, they found that there was a different level of care, more difficulty to care for and they also required a higher level to understand the cultivation process.

But there are other differences with the infamous haze flowers.  The maturation time is longer and besides that they require longer period of warm weather and more frequent watering. Because of this, northern California is an ideal place to grow the haze hemp strains.  With CBD flower strains, like the haze strains that require more TLC, some growers just grow them indoors in controlled environments.

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With CBD Flower Strains – Choosing More Power with Delta 8

The new kid on the block is becoming the favorite kid on the block and there are multiple reasons for this.  First, those who have enjoyed marijuana in the past as far as savors are concerned but did not like the psychoactive repercussions, now have a “stand-in”. The Delta 8 flower also does provide a moderate high but leaves the user in reality and in control whether at home or even at work. Users report that they are able to continue working and with better and higher energy.

With CBD flower strains like Delta 8, the user gets everything they pay for is every single Delta 8 flower.  The Delta 8 flower has to be created. It does not “grow” as a Delta 8 flower. Because of that, the Delta 8 flower makes the base flower even better than it is without being sprayed with the Delta 8 distillate. You can experiment with this at Dr. Strains CBD because they have the plain hemp flower strain like the Wedding Cake Indoor Hemp Flower and that same flower sprayed with Delta 8 distillate named Wedding Cake D8 Flower for sale today.

With CBD Flower Strains Delta Excels

The spectrum of effects and savors and health benefits only get better with all the Delta 8 flowers.  Dr. Strains CBD has several Delta 8 flowers in their inventory for you to enjoy the whole of the spectrum. The health of it all puts Delta 8 again in the spotlight because of its unique ability to interact with the CB1 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  This is the pathway to attack the neurodegenerative diseases that are so prevalent.

“Summin’ it All Up”

with CBD flower strainsThe hemp flower strains have an enormous inventory, and it is growing every day. You will find that the haze flowers have certain characteristics that span the spectrum of all the different haze strains. They are different but they have many of the same outward and inward characteristics. The same is with the different kush strains. The kush strains are generally either the indica type or at least indica-dominant. On the other hand, the haze strains will be sativa or sativa dominant.

Then the Delta 8 flower does amazing things with health benefits and with boasting all those delicious savors even though it is a cannabinoid so does not have specific flavors.  But any hemp flower that is sprayed with Delta 8 distillate does better express all the savors that are in the base flower. The other aspect that the Delta 8 brings to the table is energy. It energizes the user on all levels of your life.

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 evolve-d dry herb penYocan Vaporizers

Looking for an odorless way to smoke your dry flower? Dr. Strains CBD is introducing Yocan Vaporizers that will allow you to vaporize your hemp flower.  The colors we have are:
  • Green
  • Black
  • Rainbow

Our Yocan vaporizers are the perfect choice for customers who are looking to smoke their flower more discretely. The flower that is left in the chamber can also be used for edibles or oil extraction so there is NO WASTE!

Backwoods Wraps

backwood-rotated$.99 to $5.99

Dr. Strains now has a crowd favorite flavored Backwoods wraps being sold starting at $1.99 to $5.99.  Our Backwoods wraps are the perfect choice for customers who are after looking for flavored tobacco flower wraps.

The flavors we have are:

  • Honey Berry
  • Sweet Aromatic
  • Russian Cream
  • Banana Throwback
  • Wild Berry Throwback
  • Sweet Aromatic Throwback
  • Original Throwback
  • Russian Cream Throwback

Our Backwoods wraps are the perfect choice for customers who are after looking for flavored tobacco flower wraps.


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