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cbdCalling Curtain Time on Hemp Pre-Rolls or CBD Cigarettes

Calling Curtain Time on Hemp Pre-Rolls or CBD Cigarettes

“When the curtain goes up, we will see the difference between hemp pre-rolls or CBD cigarettes, and you must be ready for surprises at the similarities as well. “

Winds from Dr. Strains CBD Blows in Delta 8 Flower

CBD hemp flower punches back at inflammationLifter Delta 8 Hemp Flower

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Smoking hemp flower is bringing many changes to the smokers of today.  It takes the bad damaging effects away from smoking and infuses the experience with health benefits. Smoking CBD-rich hemp flower provides better bioavailability than ingesting edibles or tinctures that have to go through your digestive system.

The simplest way to utilize smokable hemp flower is to buy the hemp pre-rolls.  The less simple way is to roll your own hemp or CBD cigarette. The advantage of rolling your own is that you may have a favorite hemp strain but cannot purchase it in a hemp pre-roll.

Hemp Pre-Rolls or CBD Cigarettes – The Difference

CBD cigarettes look like regular cigarettes and that is by design because many individuals use CBD cigarettes to wean off nicotine cigarettes. The CBD cigarettes are made with ground hemp flower rather than tobacco.  CBD cigarettes are high in hemp flower which has high content of the cannabinoid CBD. Marijuana buds made into cigarettes are high in Delta 9 THC which is responsible for the “psycho-active high” smokers get.

The CBD cigarettes provide the best way to get all the therapeutic benefits of CBD and with the fastest response time.  That is good news for many who are addicted to smoking nicotine because this gives an option, yes, a healthy option.

The Hemp Pre-Roll

High-CBD hemp pre-rolls appear to more resemble a marijuana joint. Most hemp pre-rolls contain around one gram of hemp flower so you can figure your dosing routine. This ground hemp flower is usually wrapped in thin rice or any number of different types of hemp paper.  This is to preserve the flavor of the terpenes. You can find hemp pre-rolls in energetic sativa like Lifter and Hawaiian Haze or in relaxing indica strains of Bubba Kush and Special Sauce.

Hemp Pre-Rolls or CBD Cigarettes – What CBD Does 

The CBD cannabinoid, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes benefit the body by balancing the various systems so that health can be restored. Hemp flower interacts with the Endocannabinoid (ECS) receptors. But the other thing that it does is the boosting of levels of our own natural endocannabinoids referred to as “anandamide”. Pain, is without doubt, the biggest reason that people give CBD a shot.  The results are 99% positive in short order when used consistency.  From anxiety, insomnia, high levels of inflammation and many types of skin disorders.

Hemp Pre-Rolls or CBD Cigarettes – Instead of Nicotine 

Both the CBD cigarettes and the hemp pre-roll are effective in breaking the nicotine addiction.  It still provides the “smoking action” of having something between your fingers as well as the action of smoking.  Others use the CBD cigarettes to break the marijuana addiction, so they have the option to use a hemp pre-roll to move to a more healthy choice full of benefits.

“All Points of View”

Everyone has their sweet spot where they get the best benefits from the cannabinoid combination and their favorite effects from a certain combination of terpenes. Statistics state that tobacco use leads to in excess of 7 million deaths annually around the world and 500,000 in the USA alone. Nicotine, like marijuana, is highly addictive and more people fail at kicking the habit yearly. But CBD cigarettes may be just the vehicle to bring success and provide health benefits as well.


Today’s Blog Reference

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