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cbd“Can You Feel Me Now”? CBD Micro Dosing Enhances Coverage

“Can You Feel Me Now”? CBD Micro Dosing Enhances Coverage

“Today, the question is “Can you feel me now?” but it is not about your cell phone, it is about CBD micro dosing enhances coverage.”

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There was a popular commercial back some time ago that said, “Can you hear me now?” Yes, it was for a cell phone company back in the day of “dropped calls”. Through the years coverage has improved considerable till today it is rare that you are unable to suffer through one of those infuriating “dropped call” events when you were in the middle of an important phone call.

Coverage is important in many things, including cell service and pharmaceuticals as well as the benefits of CBD hemp flower. If you cell phone drops more calls than you can count in a day, more than likely you will change cell phone carrier. If the pharmaceutical drug that your doctor prescribes for you, does not give relief to whatever symptoms you have, you will get him on the phone and complain, right?  Just the same, if the CBD hemp flower strain you are using to smoke or dry vape, does not give you the expected results then something must be adjusted.

There are different coverages as you see here and there are different ways to address each of the challenges. So, let’s talk coverage.

CBD Micro Dosing Enhances Coverage — Body Coverage

If your osteoarthritis pain in your hip is maddening, maybe the best “coverage” option for your body pain is CBD-infused lotion or CBD Isolate Roll-On on the area over your greatest pain. The skin has its own Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and that is a “carrier-like” system to make sure the CBD gets to where it is going.

CBD dosing to enhance coverage if anxiety is your challenge has these options. When you are a smoker or dry vaper, then chose an Indica strain that will be calming and relaxing. Bubba Kush is a popular strain as well as Cherry Blossom. It is a hybrid but dominant Indica. You can purchase a Dry Vaporizer here at Dr. Strains CBD or accessories to roll the smoke of your choice.

The Key to Experimenting

CBD dosing to enhance coverage may involve some experimenting to find the right method of delivery to best provide you the benefits you need. But it is worth it to find your sweet spot.

CBD Micro Dosing Enhances CoverageTime Coverage

You may now have found your perfect method of delivery for your particular health condition, so the next consideration is the timing of your dose. Dosing is about deciding when you need the dosage and for best resolution. If your anxiety surfaces and persists the through the morning hours then the first thing when you awaken, may be the best time to dose with a smoke, a dry vape, a CBD oil capsule or CBD-infused gummies.  But remember the CBD capsules will be traveling through your digestive system so the effects may be slower in presenting.

If you take your dose for pain in the morning and by 1 pm your pain has resurrected with a passion, then you might want to explore micro dosing. You can read more about it in the link but in summary, here is how it works. If you are taking 20 mg in the morning, take only 5 mg and spread the other 3 dosages of 5 mg throughout the day.

Micro Dosing is Safe

CBD dosing to enhance coverage is safe no matter what dosage you decide to use or the method of delivery. The reason is you cannot overdose with CBD. If you dose more than your body needs, then the fat cells have the ability to store it then release when you do need it.

CBD Micro Dosing Enhances Coverage – Activity Coverage

So now we are talking about dosing according to your activity whatever that might be. When do you usually go to the gym? If that is in the morning before work, then to give yourself cover and dose within an hour of when you are going. You may want to dose to strengthen your muscles, or you may do it for the energy you feel after the dose.  If you dose before your gym workout, then you strengthen your tendons, bones and muscles so injury is less likely. And it enhances your recovery time afterwards as well.

“All Points of View”

CBD dosing to enhance coverage includes dosing for your day rather than generically dose in the AM, no matter what you do during that day. Plan your dose or doses to coordinate with activities of your day. It is always in order to experiment till you find the dosing method that works best for you and your body.

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