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Strain ReviewHemp Strain — CB Dawg

Hemp Strain — CB Dawg

CB Dawg is a popular hybrid strain with more than 15% CBD.  This strain is not just one more strain in the hemp flower inventory. It is something special with a powerful grape aroma blast accompanied by a lift of none other than cherry pie.  The blend of sativa \’\’and indica \’\’and terpenes deliver a CBD experience close to perfect of relaxation \’\’and subtle stimulation.

In the Beginning

CB Dawg is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, but it has interesting great-gr\’\’andparents by the name of the Sour Diesel strain \’\’and the OG Kush strain. Hemp flower users can enjoy a nice, tranquil vibe without any drowsiness with CB Dawg. This makes it the ideal strain for daytime use or nighttime use.

CB Dawg Gives Color, Taste, Aroma

CB Dawg buds sport the color green with a white frosting because of the trichomes. The hybrid is delightful to the eye with its light-green pointy-tipped buds.  Orange pistils covered the buds which are also covered with trichomes.

This strain boasts the taste of orange \’\’and cherry flavor with pine, if pine were to have a flavor. So it is, no doubt, the aroma of pine that spills into the taste buds.  Hemp flower strain CB Dawg has as low an THC content at 0.1% as it has high CBD content at 13 – 16%.  Terpene varieties in the this strain are limonene, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene also lending to its aroma.

The Genetics of it All

CB Dawg is a hybrid which is predominantly of the indica variety at 90% \’\’and 10% Sativa. The characteristic that makes CB Dawg such a desirable strain is that it is a CBD/THC balanced hemp flower strain.  This hemp flower strain provides high CBD 13-16% \’\’and low THC of 0.3 – 0.5%.  There are legal distinctions between states regarding the use of hemp flower but federally it is legal.

CB Dawg Talks Therapeutic Benefits

This particular hemp flower strain works well to control pain. Pain relief occurs in headaches, including migraines as well as pain radiating to or from the neck. This CBD strain has reduced nausea \’\’and restlessness in a variety of instances. It may also stimulate appetite for individual in treatment for cancer or other appetite-depriving conditions.  Other therapeutic benefits are the relaxed, clear-headed \’\’and focused affect when using this hemp flower.

Talking to the Growers

Cultivation of this hemp plant is ideal for the novice grower because of its simplicity to grow, its sturdiness \’\’and its compact size.  The CBD buds are resinous, \’\’and its gentle aromas are advantageous for location challenges. Outdoor growing is not appropriate for some hemp flower strains but this one is strong against high winds \’\’and persistent in bad soils. CB Dawg is a plant with horizontal spread, a compact, dense flower easily adaptable to greenhouse growing as well as outdoor planting with a high resistance to fungi. Temperatures in the greenhouse will need monitoring.

The Law Talks CB Dawg

All of Dr. Strains products are under the legal limit of 0.3% Delta 9 THC so is grown \’\’and managed within the rules of the 2018 Farm Bill. When speaking about the hemp plant, all parts of the plant are included – all the cannabinoids including CBD \’\’and 0.3% THC, seeds, \’\’and extracts.

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