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cbdCBD and Anxiety Disorders — Is There Hope?

CBD and Anxiety Disorders — Is There Hope?

In 2017, 3,8% of a global population was suffering from some phase of mental disorders including anxiety.  With 1 in ten persons globally suffering from one of the mental disorders making it the most prevalent – anxiety.

CBD and Anxiety and the Health Care System

Individuals suffering for anxiety disorders are three to five times more likely to visit their doctor. This puts a heavy burden on the health care system.  These individuals are also six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders. Traditional Anxiety and CBDpharmaceuticals are used, and may be abused by patients sometimes. But they are only trying to achieve some level of normalcy in the frame of reference where they exist.

CBD Rules in the Surveys

A medically driven survey in 2017 found that a high percentage of cannabis users reported an exchange of typical medications in favor of cannabis. However, they also had the side effect of the “high” that high levels of THC generate. With the legalization of CBD hemp in 2018, an effective alternative arrived. Now the thousands who suffer silently and alone many times have a viable option.

A group of individuals were recently polled about existing mental disorders. Almost half reported that they were currently using CBD products rather than their pharmaceuticals. They reported that CBD was more effective for relieving a number of medical issues but especially those of anxiety.

CBD and Anxiety Disorder Relief

The report is wonderful and hopeful about but the specific way to consume CBD, when to consume it and how much are all questions that rightly deserve answers. Besides pharmaceuticals not often working, many insurance companies do not cover the medications they need so people have continued to suffer. On so many levels those suffering from mental disorders are left without any remedy. This is one reason why CBD is quickly rising to the attention of not only the patients but also of the medical professionals.

CBD Products for Relief

There are a variety of CBD products and there may be a reason for that. Sublingual tincture may work for some, but others may only realize relief of symptoms with using CBD infused patches or topicals.

CBD for AnxietyJust because the FDA has only approved the use of CBD in one drug for epilepsy does not mean CBD does not work. From clinical trials to surveys to participant driven studies have all shown high percentage or reduction in plethora of symptoms suffered by individuals with mental health disorders. CBD has been effective in reducing anxiety and panic attacks to the point that mental health advocates are praising CBD.

  • 14% of all Americans are using CBD;
  • 37% of CBD users used CBD products for anxiety;
  • 63% reporting CBD as being extremely effective.

CBD Drives the Holistic Approach

For the 40 million Americans struggling with anxiety disorders, CBD offers a holistic approach option to the 40 million Americans struggling with some form of anxiety and mental disorders.

Some medical doctors are saying that the lack of safety and intolerability of some of the current pharmaceutical drugs is the motivation for scientists and doctors alike to explore CBD. In their words, “it is safer for mood stabilization.” From medical research, the scientist say that CBD induces changes or adaptation in the brain cells as well as a regeneration and protection of nerve cells.

There are CBD hemp products for a reason. One product is effective with some and different products are effective with others. You will have to be the one to determine that. CBD options range from pills to sublingual drops to edibles and gummies. They are all ways of dosing with CBD and knowing exactly the milligrams you are consuming and thus the result you have. Others prefer to smoke, vape or bake even though not easily measured doses, may produce the result you want.

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