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hemp flowerCBD Calls the Meeting to Order — Hemp Flower Balances the Scales

CBD Calls the Meeting to Order — Hemp Flower Balances the Scales

“Hemp flower balances the scales throughout your body whether you smoke it or consume the CBD in other methods.”


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Wedding Cake Delta 8 D8 Indoor Hemp Flower @ $29.99 for ½ oz.

Presenting a sweet flower! Wedding Cake D8 indoor Hemp Flower is only  This indoor D8 flower has a sweet \’\’and earthy aroma. This flower has a tight trim \’\’and is packed with trichomes!  With over 23% delta 8 it should leave you feeling relaxed with a clear active mind.  Wedding Cake has over 20% CBD \’\’and is packed with a mixture of natural terpene profiles.

Wedding cake is originated in California \’\’and is a cross of Cherry Pie \’\’and Girl Scout Cookies which are known for its indica effects. This indoor flower aims to leave you anxiety free with a clear mind!


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  • Anxiety to Relief
  • Weakness to Strength
  • Social Boredom to a New Adventure
  • “Benefits” Last Words
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


Hemp flower balances the scales, but the mystery is why \’\’and how. To answer than question we need to talk about what hemp actually is. It is many things, but it is primarily two things. When hemp is planted in contaminated soil, it cleans up the mess that chemicals \’\’and other agents have left behind. Because of this it is a decontaminate. This is another reason for growing the hemp plant organically so that the hemp bud is pure, natural \’\’and clean.  Number two, the CBD, other cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes have a natural adaptation to the endo-cannabinoids already within our body. Because of that, when CBD enters our body, it is already synchronized so can go to work immediately to restore homeostasis.


Hemp Flower Balances the Scales – Anxiety to Relief

Hemp is a natural product which is useful even as a fiber to protect the body from UV light, irritation of wounds or skin break-outs. The hemp plant refers to the plant in whole even though some parks of the plant are more valuable to consume \’\’and other parts revert to biomass, still useful but with very few cannabinoids, etc.


We hear more about CBD than any other cannabinoid even though some of the other cannabinoids are gaining steam in the recognition department like CBG. CBD is the most studied cannabinoid \’\’and does to hold all the cards when talking possible health benefits like anxiety relief. Anxiety is caused partly by an imbalance in the body \’\’and in the mind so adding CBD from the hemp bud only makes sense because it helps to restore homeostasis or balance.


Hemp flower balances the scales when it comes to anxiety \’\’and depression plaguing every day. It is not magic, \’\’and the changes may not be instantaneous but with consistency, balance can return.


Hemp Flower Balances the Scales – Weakness to Strength

What is the hemp plant regarding weakness vs strength? Well, let’s look at hemp fabric first made from the biomass that is left after extracting hemp extract \’\’and preserving the hemp bud. Hemp is used to make canvas sail \’\’and rope for boats because it is durable, extremely strong \’\’and particularly resistant to salt water.


It is the type of strength that you want to feel when you head to the gym to workout. CBD from the hemp bud may not build your muscles but what it may be able to do is to energize you so you can increase your reps or work with heavy free weights. But you ask why, is CBD from the hemp bud really magic? No, it is not. But hemp flower balances the scales with cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes particularly adapted to help \’\’and restore a healthy balance so the body can operate at optimal capacity rather than only on one cylinder.


Hemp Flower Balances the Scales – Social Boredom to a New Adventure

Some think that marijuana sends you into an orbit of fun, jovialness \’\’and more. Part of that may be true but the paranoia seizures of anxiety that may couch-lock the user for too long a period of time ends up being a disappointment.


Perhaps the excitement over hemp was because some saw it as a delightful energizing or sedating smoke with friends without becoming addicted or losing several days of time.  It is true that the hemp flower balances the scales, but it does so much more. The hemp bud is in two different types:


  • Indica
  • Sativa


The Indica type is sedating, calming \’\’and relaxing while on the other h\’\’and the Sativa type is energizing, helps with focus \’\’and productivity. Beyond that, CBD has its own credits for possibly stabilizing the moods. Having a hemp flower smoke/dry vape party is an adventure but an adventure where you do not lose cognition, control or days at a time.


The hemp plant flower nug is smoked or dry vaped, mainly anyway, so provides a way to entertain friends around the backyard pool with energy \’\’and relaxation both. A hemp smoke can put the user in a more social talkative mood \’\’and just an all-around jovial time.


“Balanced” Last

Hemp flower balances the scales in our bodies whether it is for health or whether it applies to the hemp bud smoke to have a socially active time with friends. CBD is useful for many areas of our life. Even if an individual is healthy \’\’and actively energized, it may be able to help maintain that health.


Hemp biomass energizes our environment to be more sustainable because of the durability of hemp clothing, hemp paper, hemp building materials \’\’and many other things in our environment.



 If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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Juicy Jay Papers @ $1.79

  • Strawberry/Kiwi
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Green Apple
  • Mello Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon

Looking for fun flavored papers? Now you can enjoy your flower in personal joints that you can carry with you. These Juicy Jay papers will allow you smooth smoke so every flavor of your flower with these fruity wraps.

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Dr. Strains CBD has “Delta 8” Series

Lifter Delta D8 Hemp Flower @ $39.99 for ½ oz.

This Lifter D8 flower has a citrus lemon aroma \’\’and is a perfect day strain to get err\’\’ands done while feeling calm!

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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.




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