how many milligrams of CBD should I take?
  • May 7, 2020
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If you’re new to the cannabidiol world and wondering how many milligrams of CBD should I take? You’re not alone.

Understanding the benefits of cannabidiol is easy. It’s figuring out the right dosage that’s tricky. It doesn’t help that the concentration of CBD in each product varies, and there are only general guidelines for taking it since clinical research is still in its early stages.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your CBD dosage guide right here. 

How Many Milligrams of CBD Should I Take Each Day?

The amount of CBD you should take daily depends entirely on your individual needs and physiological makeup. Everyone is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The first things you’ll need to take into account are your weight, metabolism, diet, genetics, medical condition, and your general tolerance to substances. 

Secondly, you have to take into account the type of product you’re using and its potency. CBD can be taken in several ways, including tinctures, vaping, edibles, capsules, powders, patches, and by smoking the CBD buds. CBD is most commonly taken via tinctures and vaping, so we’ll start there.

How to Calculate CBD Content and Dosage

First thing’s first—CBD is measured in milligrams (mg). Regardless of the product, the concentration will be clearly labeled on the package. 6,000 mg is the most potent tincture, and the most potent vape cartridge is around 500 mg. All this means is that each drop or puff will be more concentrated than the lesser potencies, which will determine how much you take throughout the day. 

The dropper portion of a CBD oil bottle is measured in milliliters (ml), and most droppers hold around 1 ml of liquid, give or take. A typical bottle is 30 ml in size. Let’s say the concentration, is 300 mg. Divide that by the size of the bottle and you get 10 mg per 1 ml dose. 

The doses for CBD vape cartridges are measured in “puffs.” There are typically 100-200 puffs in a 1 ml vape cartridge, although it’s difficult to estimate since everyone will inhale different amounts. Most vape batteries will light up when the proper dose has been inhaled, but the overall calculation remains the same. 

So to recap, you divide the total concentration (mg) by the total volume (ml) to calculate the single dosage per dropper or puff. 

So, How Many Milligrams of CBD Should I Take Per Day? 

Your CBD dosage will depend on two essential variables: your weight and the condition you’re aiming to treat. The rule of thumb for beginners is to take about 5 mg per 10 lbs of body weight. So, if you weigh 125 lbs, you want to start with 62.5 mg per day.

The dosage will also vary significantly by ailment. For example, someone taking CBD for anxiety will need considerably less than someone taking it for a condition such as epilepsy or arthritis. The recommended CBD dosage is between 10 mg and 100 mg per day for most conditions, including the following:

  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Crohn’s Disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Regardless of your reason for taking CBD, it’s best to start small and increase your intake gradually. Waiting for one to two weeks before upping your dosage will give your body the time it needs to adjust.

Don’t Fear the Math

Now that you know the question of “how many milligrams of CBD should I take?” can only be answered by variables that are unique to you, you can begin making your assessment. Of course, it’s advised that you speak with your doctor before adding CBD to your daily regimen, especially if you’re suffering from a medical condition.

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