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cbdCBD Flower and You — Finding Your Bliss in Meditation

CBD Flower and You — Finding Your Bliss in Meditation

“CBD flower and you can take you to the sweet spot of blissful meditation.”


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It is not easy to meditate in our rampaging lifestyle because it times time and concentration to be quiet enough to arrive at a place pure mediation. But the benefits that are derived from a time of meditation and quiet are great. It rests the mind and the emotions as well as the body. The human body was not created to go non-stop 24/7. It needs to be renewed and refreshed. That’s what meditation does.



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Practicing meditation, yoga, or walks in the woods can help to promote overall wellness and a sense of relaxation.  CBD has provided a plethora of health benefits on a wide spectrum scale. We are living in a crazy upside-down world, but then no doubt every generation has felt that way. Since we have to deal with life today, we have to be proactive to keep ahead of the pell-mell lifestyle which presses itself in on us all.

CBD Flower and You – The Application of a CBD-infused Topical Balm

A quieting ritual you can do is to rub the CBD-infused lotion on your temples, neck, and forehead. The act of massaging in a circular motion slowly and repetitively can be calm and put you in a state of relaxation.  This is also a great way to start your time of meditation. Now lay your head back and start deep breathing and push all the stressors out.

CBD Flower and You – Meditation, CBD, and Calm

Meditation takes time to actually get in the spirit and mental focus of such. It takes time to rid your mind of anxiety and stress so you can focus fully on breathing in and out rhythmically so it becomes part of you.  CBD is a great aid to doing daily meditation because it relaxes you so you can be quiet and feel the relief it brings.  But meditation does promote clarity and calm and allows us to step out from the clutter in our lives and to re-focus on what is important.

 CBD Flower and You – Sublingual Tincture for Meditation Bliss

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your mind it can be helpful to practice this ritual before beginning your meditation. Take a few drops of CBD sublingual tincture under your tongue and soon it will be much easier to control your breathing as the CBD is absorbed into your body. CBD taken sublingually begins to work almost immediately to settle and quiet your mind more easily.

 CBD Flower and You – Smoke a Toke or Vape Some CBD Vapor

There is no right or wrong way to relax and get in the spirit of meditation. And it will no doubt be different for each person. However, generally speaking, you will want an Indica hemp flower to relax and calm you and put you in a state of mediation. If your favorite way to relax and step out of your worries. Is to smoke or vape then that is what you should do to put you in those moments of relaxation and focus on the tranquility you are searching for.

Arriving in the frame of mind and emotions where you are quiet without a ripple.  It may only take one inhalation or one toke, but you have to work with it because arriving in a state of meditation is not magic. You have to place your mind and spirit in the right place then the CBD flower lotion or sublingual tincture or smoke will move in and do its work.


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