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cbdCBD Flower and Your Five Senses

CBD Flower and Your Five Senses

CBD flower and your five senses are all a bigger deal than you may think at first. We talk a lot about the taste and smell but not so much about the sight, sound and touch senses when talking hemp flower. But the experience of choosing which hemp flower for smoking or vaping is richer and more palatable if you engage all five senses. Now is the time to figure out how to do that.

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CBD Flower and Your Five Senses – Sight Sense

Appearance is important even though it may not be first on the list, but it is important to the overall experience. The appearance varies between flowers while they are still on the hemp plant maturing. The appearance also is difference when the hemp flower is harvested, dried, trimmed and place on the dispensary shelf.

Bubba Kush — The strong color is green but when flowering, leaves and buds may exhibit a tinge of purple, giving the plants a lovely colorful look.  Silver trichome lavish the nuggets with an abundance of orange hairs.

Abacus — Dark green nugs are tinged with purple-tinged.

Sour Space Candy — It has very dense buds in hues of purple, green, and orange.

Hawaiian Haze – Buds vary from big fluffy flowers to a smaller but extremely dense bud

Lifter Greenhouse Premium — Vibrant colors oscillate between bright green and deep violet as well as an impressive and beautiful coating of frosty white trichomes.

Cherry Wine – This flower is a green and gold shades are inter-twined with dark peach-colored pistils.

CBD Flower and Your Five Senses – Smell Sense

The aroma is no doubt as outstanding as the taste and as enjoyable so look at these aromas we have provide for you and take them as your jump start to chose your next experience with hemp flower savors.

Elektra — The tropical, citrusy, and earthy aroma delights users in the relaxing evening smoke. The flower gives off a rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus aroma.  Others say the experience is like sniffing a bunch of flowers in a pine grove.

Hawaiian Haze — The smooth floral smell of the tropics include fragrances exploding juicy peach and hints of lavender.

Berry Blossom – It exudes a strong fragrance of a woody, earthy bitterness

CBD Flower and Your Five Senses – Taste Sense

The taste of the CBD flower is probably the most outstanding when you smoke or when you dry vape. There is a distinct taste in the up-draft and sometimes something a bit different in the exhale. We talk a lot about the therapeutic benefits of CBD hemp flower but sometimes it is just about the recreation of it all.

AC Diesel – It’s flavor profile of terpene is citrus and berry along with earthy wood-like savor. The AC Diesel buds are highly resinous and bare the fragrance of strawberries and fuel.

Blue Dream – It provides a quirky twist in flavors in a swirl of bitterness and softness to the tongue.  The vapor smoothly coats the mouth with a sugary blueberry exhale.

Hawaiian Haze — Terpenes such as Pinene and Bisabolol lend themselves to a spicy peppery taste.

Lifter Greenhouse Premium — The flavor of a lemony sweet funk gives an experience to be enjoyed either daytime or evening.  Smoking or vaping this flower leaves behind a natural sweet taste of grass or bark.

CBD Flower and Your Five Senses – Feel Sense

One of the most attractive feels of the CBD flower is about the stickiness of it. This is good because it speaks of high content of terpenes stored in the mini crystal balls. Terpenes are almost as important to the effectiveness of the flower as are the profile of cannabinoids.

Elektra — Elektra hemp flowers have a sticky to the touch.

Lifter – It introduces hard, large oily buds or flowers ideal for the hemp flower market

However, let’s consider another aspect of the feel of CBD flower and your five senses. Various flowers cause you to feel differently. Indica flowers make you feel relaxed and calm while the Sativa strains give you the feel of being energized and productive. Now let’s look at some of those variants.

Berry Exotic — The dreamy effect generate will not cause a “couch lock” effect but it will slow you down for the evening or for a weekend to decompress.

Super Lemon Haze – It improves your productivity at work or at home as it wakes up the body with a stout limonene flavor because it is a sativa-dominant flower.

Boax Bubblegum – It has powerful effects and calming relaxation, but no drowsiness.

CBD Flower and Your Five Senses – Hear Sense

This 5th sense I do not know how to apply even though I’m sure there is some sound when you are grinding up the crispy CBD hemp flower nug to roll it into the hemp paper. So, this is for you to explore the next time you buy a nug and put it in the grinder, think about that sound.

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