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cbdCBD Flower Comparisons — “Sweetened – Solomatic – Therapy”

CBD Flower Comparisons — “Sweetened – Solomatic – Therapy”

Ok, let’s say that fast — Sweetened Solomatic Therapy!  How about it, friends? Do you like that kind of Therapy.  CBD flower comparisons help to see the particulars in each strain. Right up front let’s say that every strain is different even though they have family similarities.

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CBD Flower Comparisons – Sweetened CBD Hemp Flower

Sweetened is plenteous with potent lemon flavor but lives up to its “Sweet” name. Sweetened CBD hemp flower is uplifting with a sweet floral \’\’and fruity taste. The flower is also high in resin so has an exquisite profile of terpenes \’\’and is plenty sticky to the touch.

The Origins of the Sweetened Hemp Strain

Sweetened is the child of Cherry \’\’and Otto II \’\’and st\’\’and at a strong almost 17% CBD \’\’and always 0.3% THC or less.  The Cherry side lends a fruity flavor with lively, energetic effects. While the Otto II side has head-centric effects. This strain paves the taste buds with a sensory bliss.

Sight \’\’and Savors

The Sweetened strain has a gradient of green hues so could be overlooked as an ordinary species. Looking deeper \’\’and taking a deep whiff one will be enchanted with the aroma which is smooth \’\’and dynamic. The fragrance is a delightfully fruit-berry scent with hints of sandalwood. This is a hemp flower that creates a shining experience.

Smokin’ Effects

Sweetened lets out a soothing, delightful smoke to caresses the throat. It is still light \’\’and airy making it acceptable to users who prefer a milder experience.  The taste buds soak up an explosive sweetness like a big old-fashion sucker. Again, it is true to its name “Sweeten”.

A balanced hemp flower strain that clears mental clutter \’\’and soothes the body. But it still leaves the mind intact. Clearing away mental clutter, the herb also soothes the body to release discomfort \’\’and aches that might take away from your enjoyment. And because it leaves the mind relatively intact but calm \’\’and relaxed.

CBD Flower Comparisons – Solomatic CBD Hemp Flower Strain

This CBD hemp strain is a hybrid but 70% indica dominant hemp flower strain that delivers a strong dose of CBD at 21% with almost zero amounts of THC. The user can expect a focused experience with relaxation but no sedation.  The Solomatic hemp flower strain has some Diesel genetics but demonstrates few qualities that allude that part of the family tree.

Sight \’\’and Savors

The Solomatic CBD hemp flower is also an autoflowering strain with sweet \’\’and fruity aromas \’\’and hints of ginger \’\’and pine.  The soft ginger scent engulfs you from the moment you open the package \’\’and also with hints of herb, pine, \’\’and mint. Solomatic CBD buds have airy oversized bright neon green nugs with sparse thick orange hairs \’\’and a frosty thick coating of clear crystal trichomes.

Smokin’ Effects

Sometimes the flavor \’\’and aroma blend \’\’and sometimes it is very different. The scent comes off as blissful but the flavor is intense. Once burnt, the strain releases a petrol flavored smoke that is robust \’\’and thick ravaging the throat with abrasive irritation. It is usually for the more veteran user.  The experience continues with a sudden clarity from a previous mental state. The effects are definitely palpable.

Solomatic CBD hemp flower treat a wide variety of conditions including inflammation, spasticity, seizures or epilepsy, autism, chronic pain \’\’and chronic fatigue.

CBD Flower Comparisons – Therapy CBD Hemp Flower

For those looking for a potent cannabinoid-based relief, Therapy CBD hemp flower is here to help. The herb was specifically developed with the intention of providing users with a strong CBD profile minus the effects of THC. So, what you get is a truly therapeutic experience that kicks it off with a delicate fruity, berry flavor that’s guaranteed to delight the senses.

Sight \’\’and Savors

The CBD Therapy has a delectable scent of fruit \’\’and berry from the strain’s leaves, allowing a calming, soothing effect. Herb \’\’and spice underline hints of herb \’\’and spice that highlight the organic overtones of fruit.  Bright green nugs painted with wispy yellows \’\’and oranges make the bud look especially appealing but is undersized, compact \’\’and heavy.

Smokin’ Effects

It all starts with the smoke — light, smooth, \’\’and sweet plumes from the burning leaves are fragrant \’\’and soothing. With this smokin’ effect, there is no abrasion so even beginner users will have a pleasant experience with no fuss.

CBD Therapy hemp flower is an ideal strain for medical patients \’\’and may play a role in Dravet’s syndrome, MS, Crohn’s disease, inflammation, Epilepsy \’\’and fibromyalgia anxiety \’\’and depression,

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