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cbdCBD Flower for the Alzheimer Patient

CBD Flower for the Alzheimer Patient

CBD Flower is a hemp product \’\’and as the days pass more \’\’and more is learned about its healing qualities \’\’and benefits. Various posts here explain, expound on \’\’and try to clarify what the Entourage Effect is of certain combinations of compounds \’\’and strains with high percentage of CBD. You might think of the Entourage Effect as being the fact that it provides a stable relaxation or an alertness for better productivity, depending on the strain.

The Entourage Effect is more than that. It speaks to the more powerful impact the CBD flower product will have on your Endocannabinoid System to heal. This is why it is important to find the right strain, the right dosage \’\’and the right delivery method so that you can have the full experience of health.

There is a Difference

Some do not underst\’\’and that there is a difference between hemp oil, hemp seed oil \’\’and CBD oil. There is a difference \’\’and knowing that difference could be the difference between experiencing healing or remaining sick.

Cell Deterioration

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is affecting more \’\’and more seniors \’\’and according to statistics, it is on the track to affect even more. Dementia is the forerunner of Alzheimer’s generally speaking so at that point there are things that can be done medically to perhaps slow the brain cell deterioration.

CBD Flower Restores Cells

Starting in dementia then progressing through all the stages of Alzheimer’s, brain cells are dying \’\’and the neurotransmitters deteriorate so the message cannot get to where it is supposed to go. There are three ways CBD can change this progressive disease by:

  • reducing oxygen buildup,
  • stimulating the brain,
  • providing a neuroprotectant,
  • reducing brain cell death,
  • reducing inflammation.

Inflammation causes oxygen stress in the brain. That, in turn, negatively impacts the brain’s function.  CBD is well documented to be anti-inflammatory.  The inflammatory condition occurs when the brain’s immune cells fail to clear disorienting blockages.

Memory decreases as more \’\’and more oxygen is released \’\’and more oxygen is released, the more inflammation occurs. CBD is an antioxidant \’\’and an anti-inflammatory \’\’and both help to restore brain function \’\’and stop the cells dying.

CBD Flower Stimulates Brain Tissue

It is well-documented that stimulating brain tissue is a way to at least slow the brain deterioration. What stimulates the brain through the Endocannabinoid System? You’re right, CBD. Even though there are no FDA-approved pharmaceuticals with CBD for Alzheimer’s Disease. But there have been clinical trials using CBD in a group of individuals with evident Alzheimer’s Disease. These trials clearly showed how CBD reversed some cases of Alzheimer \’\’and in fact has prevented the development of brain cell deterioration. A 2011 study also showed the growth of brain cells as well as the repair of those cells \’\’and other brain functions.


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