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cbdCBD Flower Frost — Frosted Kush, Melon Frost, Frosted Lime Rocks, White Frost CBG

CBD Flower Frost — Frosted Kush, Melon Frost, Frosted Lime Rocks, White Frost CBG

CBD flower frost presents a unique bouquet of flowers with savors \’\’and appearances that top the best. Frost speaks of flavors that zing the tongue \’\’and aromas that frost the nostrils. This is a collection of vibrant experiences for you.

CBD Flower Frost –Frosted Kush

Frosted Kush is a rare cross between Frosted Lime \’\’and Kush Hemp E.  Frosted Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that exudes an aroma of pine. It has a sweet, pungent \’\’and gassy flavor that lingers \’\’and plays with your senses.  It is a beautiful light green flower. Besides all this, it has a CBD content in excess of 12%, relatively low but still potent.

Kush is historical in savors, appearance \’\’and experience. It a viciously delicious strain that puts you in a relaxed mood.  The Kush genetics are growing with the process of crossbreeding \’\’and that is because it is such a powerful strain. It is high in these three terpenes – bisabolol, carophylene \’\’and myrcene. It is on task for combating mental anxiety \’\’and stress \’\’and providing focus \’\’and clarity.

CBD Flower Frost — Melon Frost

Melon Frost is bursting with flavors of sparkling sour watermelon \’\’and gas. Melon Kush is one of the latest generations of CBD hemp flower strains.  And, yes, it is indica prevalence with a particular aroma created by crossing a classic Kush with a Lemon Haze. This is a unique \’\’and absolutely beautiful flower with distinct flavors. It varies from neon purple, to light green colors all cover in quartz-like trichomes.

This is a flower with an unusual cannabinoid profile as well as an outst\’\’anding terpene profile to create an uplifting, calm \’\’and focused experience. We must remember that the terpenes are important not only for the savors but are also responsible for some of the health benefits.

Its unique terpene profile further intensifies the uplifting sativa experience. It st\’\’ands strong at 15.5% CBD \’\’and is usually indoor grown \’\’and considered a top shelf.

CBD Flower Frost — Frosted Lime Rocks

Frosted Lime Rocks hemp flower strain is a sativa-dominant strain with at least one parent as a strong sativa cultivar. It possesses potent citrus flavor \’\’and fragrance. The frosty parent strain is an indica-leaning cultivar that’s beloved for its effects to mellow, relax \’\’and calm from an overly stressful day or week.

Frosted Lime rocks hemp strain has enough sativa character to also lend an upbeat well-being sense to wake up the mind \’\’and the body. If you are looking for the best frost experience, smoke or vape the frosted lime rocks \’\’and get the pure “frost effect” citrus, lime blends with hints of skunky scent.

Frosted Lime hemp strain is sticky \’\’and fragrant hemp flower with dense buds \’\’and copious amounts of oil. Frosted Lime Rocks sports up to 23% CBD \’\’and because of the mix of sativa \’\’and indica in its parentage, it provides a suitable choice for daytime or night.

CBD Flower Frost — White Frost CBG

This spicy lemon-flavored White Frost CBG hemp flower offers extensive, dynamic benefits \’\’and a smooth, distinct aroma. Hemp flower white out shows that this unique CBG product impacts your discomfort in body joins \’\’and it is an experience, not just any other smoke. It provides an overwhelming sense of relief all over your body. CBG registers at 13.18% in White Frost.

White Frost CBG offers extensive, dynamic benefits \’\’and a smooth, distinct aroma.  CBG, in case you are unaware of particular cannabinoid, CBG is rising in the ranks to be almost equal to the health benefits of CBD.  Again, White Frost CBG will give you an experience not just like any other smoke. White Frost CBD helps to lift the weight of the day off of your shoulders.

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