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CannabisCBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods

CBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods

“CBD flower myths and falsehoods have grown as fast as hemp and hemp flower made their rise to the forefront making it very difficult to decide what truly is fact.” Debunking all the Delta THC myths takes time and clarification of terminology and facts because it is in hemp, and it is in marijuana.  All the natural compounds in hemp are coming to light and it just keeps bringing goods options for recreational use and for

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  • About What Works
  • Is CBD More About Fact or Fiction
  • Fact of Fiction About the Cannabis Factor
  • THC, the Bad Cannabinoid; CBD, the Good Cannabinoid
  • Cannabis Hemp is Legal; Cannabis Marijuana is Illegal
  • Whole Plant is More Effective

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CBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods – About What Works

To be attractive we want to know that something helps us, makes our life better or relieves a chronic health challenge we have suffered for years.

  • The fiction about CBD hemp flower is that it is only an imagination in people’s minds but actually cannot do anything for my pain.
  • The fact is CBD enters your body and starts regulating the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) immediate which brings relief to the chronic pain in your ankles, your shoulders or your fingers.
  • The fiction is that I can overdose with CBD so it can be dangerous to consume.
  • The fact is that you cannot overdose with CBD so you can dose in the morning, at noon and at night if that is what you need to rid your body of pain or provide energy or help to put you to sleep at night.

CBD flower myths and falsehoods

CBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods – Is CBD More Fact or Fiction

It took me awhile to figure out fact and fiction in all things hemp because I was sold product that was not what they sold it for, and I had to figure out the dosing maze. Today I definitely feel that CBD is more fact than fiction because I can walk, and bike today and rarely have pain.  But I had to learn how to dose and with method that worked best for my osteoarthritis, and which was best for my depression. I experimented and found which and what worked effectively for me.

Here is the fiction of CBD – thinking CBD products are magic and can cure everything immediately. That is untrue and no one should look at it as a one- time miraculous cure. I started to feel results fairly soon but then it waned, and I had to switch methods. Today, I still dose with CBD Isolate Roll-On for the osteoarthritis in my ankles, feet and knees. I do not use it every day now but frequently.

CBD flower myths and falsehood

CBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods – Fact and Fiction of the Cannabis Factor

The fact and fiction in all things hemp must include a discussion about the cannabis factor. The fiction is that cannabis is always marijuana only. The fact is that cannabis has two branches. One is marijuana and one is hemp. Marijuana has high percentage of the cannabinoid THC which is the psychoactive cannabinoid but very little CBD the cannabinoid with a plethora of health benefits.  Hemp has high percentages of CBD and very low, 0.3% THC.

The cannabis plant is an amazing plant with both healing for the body, for the earth and for the soil it grows in. The hemp branch in particular has been used to clean up contaminated soil and it is always lending itself to a sustainable environment. To more fully engage in debunking all the “THC” myths, know that even though only 0.3% THC is allowable in the hemp products, it does its part in making the hemp products effective.

CBD flower myths and falsehoods

CBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods –THC, the Bad Cannabinoid; CBD, the Good Cannabinoid.” 

Many think by glorifying CBD, they can further demonize Delta 9 THC casting it as the bad cannabinoid. CBD does not make you feel high like Delta 9 THC does but the small percentage of it in the hemp products has its part to play in the total Entourage Effect. Some believe that CBD is medical and Delta 9 THC is recreational and that is false as well. CBD hemp flower has as many recreational values as THC except that it does not give you a psychoactive high. Delta 9 THC has medical value as well, however, you have to deal with the high in order to have the medical benefits.

Debunking all the “THC” myths includes the myth that marijuana alone is cannabis and hemp is simply hemp. That is false. Hemp and marijuana are both equally from the cannabis family and it was only when breeders and scientists started “expressing” the Delta 9 THC cannabinoid so that it was in cannabis plants grew to have higher Delta 9 THC content even into the 20%. Now, the marijuana branch was created.  Scientists at the Scripps Research Center in San Diego reported that Delta 9 THC inhibits the formation of an enzyme which is responsible for dementia and Alzheimer’s. The whole plant cannabis marijuana is the only natural source of Delta 9 THC which is still classified as a Schedule I drug.

CBD flower myths and falsehoods

CBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods – Cannabis Hemp is Legal; Cannabis Marijuana is Illegal.

CBD hemp flower is legal on the federal basis, but some states have reserved legalization as of yet. Some 30 states have legalized medical marijuana in one form or another. Some states restrict the sources of CBD-rich products and specify the diseases for which CBD can be accessed. There are without doubt some health conditions for which only high THC marijuana works and perhaps that is the reason that so many states have legalized medical marijuana.

There are some who are convinced that Delta 9 THC-dominant products are more effective than CBD-rich products for most health conditions. One size doesn’t fit all with respect to cannabis therapeutics but that does not meant that you have to endure a psychoactive high in order to have any relief of medical conditions. The number of CBD hemp flower strains are growing fast and many are duplicating health conditions which, heretofore, only high THC marijuana has resolved.

  • THC interacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain to produce a psychoactive high.
  • CBD interacts on a very limited score to CB1 receptors and does good by limiting the unwanted psychoactive effects of Delta 9 THC.

CBD Flower myths and falsehoods

CBD Flower Myths and Falsehoods – Whole Plant is More Effective 

According to the federal government, specific components of the marijuana plant have more medical value than the whole plant but that is not true. Single-molecule medicine is all about big pharma, but it’s not the only way. Cannabis hemp contains several hundred compounds, including flavonoids, aromatic terpenes, major and minor cannabinoids. The compounds have specific healing attributes, but scientists say that when the “whole plant” is consumed or the “whole hemp flower is smoked or vaped, etc. there is a more likely chance the user will experience the Entourage Effect.

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