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cbdCBD Flower Smalls with an Enormous Ego

CBD Flower Smalls with an Enormous Ego

You may have heard about CBD flower smalls in your journey through the hemp community but then you may not have. In either case, you will learn something new about these “small creatures” as well as about their enormous ego. In other words, you are never disappointed with those CBD flower smalls.

First piece of information today is this. Smalls are now available at Dr. Strains CBD Dispensary!  Lifter Smalls, Hawaiian Haze Smalls \’\’and Sour Space Smalls are on the shelf ready for you purchase at an amazing price of $6.99 for 1/2 oz. So in case you are unfamiliar with the “smalls”, read on for information to help make your decision.

CBD Flower Smalls — Just Exactly What Are They?

Smalls are collected during the trimming process that happens when thinning the flowers so they will grow bigger. They are also eliminated to remove excess sugar leaves. But true to hemp’s profile of being 100% environment friendly, smalls do not go to waste.

Smalls are the smaller buds that break apart from the bigger flower but they are still nicely covered in trichomes \’\’and that is important because those are the crystal balls filled with terpenes.  And yes, smalls do have an enormous ego because they have the same smell, taste, \’\’and effect as the full grown CBD hemp flower.

CBD Flower Smalls — The Enormous Ego Includes Quality of it All

The quality of the smalls are the same as the fully matured flower so the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are looking for a large hemp flower with exquisite eye appeal, then the smalls will disappoint you. But if you are looking for quality hemp with great savors \’\’and h\’\’and trimmed at a perfectly affordable price, then smalls, at your service.

CBD Flower Smalls — Dry is Not Bad \’\’and Cheap is Not Low Potency

CBD flower smalls tend to be dry due to their low density. They have a tendency to dry out faster \’\’and become crispy. This makes them super easy to break apart \’\’and that is what you will be doing with them to roll into a smoke in any variety of hemp papers. Also, because it’s so dry, it burns in the roll smooth \’\’and with more endurance. It is still sticky making it easy to h\’\’andle while making your hemp roll or packing a dry vape vaporizer.

CBD Flower Smalls — Two Types of Smalls

That’s true! There are two kinds of smalls. Smalls are derived from:

  • Tops from the main flowers of the hemp plant
  • Machine trimmed biomass flower

More Terminology

CBD flower smalls are small buds \’\’and “large crumbs” which may signify the last of a batch. It may be what falls to the bottom \’\’and is the last sold because it does not have the visual appeal of the large full hemp flower. But one thing is undisputed, it is still a high-quality hemp flower.  Smalls acquired the nickname “popcorn nugs” because of their size.

Shake is similar to smalls but they are genuinely crumbs, but they are still good quality if it comes from quality flower to begin with.

Mids are mid-grade flowers sold in whole-buds, just a lower quality than premium strains of top shelf. More than lightly, the CBD content will still be high but the appearance is less than top shelf. The savors from the mids may vary \’\’and again the reason is that the the quality of the hemp plant \’\’and flower may not have experienced exceptional care during the growth process or the harvesting procedures.

“Smalls For the Budget” Last Words

When you are looking at your budget, remember smalls because they have a more reasonable in price but still hold quality when it comes to terpenes, CBD \’\’and all the other cannabinoids.

Smalls are now available at Dr. Strains CBD Dispensary!  Lifter Smalls, Hawaiian Haze Smalls \’\’and Sour Space C\’\’andy Smalls are on the shelf ready for you purchase at an amazing price of $6.99 for 1/2 oz. Dr. Strains CBD always has the best quality for the best price whether smalls or otherwise.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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