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cbdCBD Flower Tools of the Trade — What You Do Not Know!

CBD Flower Tools of the Trade — What You Do Not Know!

Before my first-year teaching, my dad took me shopping. I kept saying that I did not have to have that many tablets, or pens or scissors, etc. \’\’and this is what he told me. “You need your tools, if you are going to do your job right.” Well, I am telling you today that if you want to have a full, righteous experience with your CBD flower tools of the trade, you need the right tools. Dr Strains CBD has all the tools for the absolute enhancement of your experience.

CBD Flower Tools — What’s Your Pleasure?

As we have told you before, there are many ways to enjoy smoking or vaping with your hemp flower nug. And for each way, there are different “tools of the trade.” So the first CBD flower tool you need is, yes, of course, CBD hemp flower (insert link). Dr Strains CBD’s inventory is growing fast with the best \’\’and the finest hemp flowers from small, h\’\’ands-on farmers who h\’\’and-h\’\’andle so much of the particulars of growing hemp.

CBD Flower Tools — The Grinding of it All

Whether you are going to roll your hemp or pack it in a dry vape pen to vaporize it, you will need to grind the flower. Many flowers have a sticky consistency which is a good trait to have but it is not that pleasant to have your fingers covered in it if you crumble in by h\’\’and. Now Dr. Strains CBD has grinders in a variety of colors \’\’and themes.

Different grinders are operated differently but this is a sketch of how one of the CBD flower tools works:

  • Step 1 — After removing the top cover, break off the flower tops \’\’and place them between the grinder teeth. Use your fingers to break off the larger tops \’\’and place them between the teeth of the grinder.
  • Step 2 – After putting the upper part of the grinder back on rotate 10 – 12 times, until it moves easily \’\’and without resistance. Tap the top \’\’and side of the grinder to dislodge sticky bits of the flower \’\’and rotate it a half dozen more turns.
  • Step 3 – Next, unscrew the chamber to reveal the freshly ground CBD flowers. Add the flower powder to the chamber in a vape pen \’\’and turn on to start the heating process.

CBD Flower Tools – You Can Do it All With the Right Tools of the Trade

You can also use this ground CBD flower to use in your edibles but remember to decarboxylate it first. Or choose which paper (insert link) you want to use for your pre-roll \’\’and place the ground CBD flower in the paper. There are a variety of choices so you might as well choose the one that has the best flavor to your liking. There are hemp papers which some feel is a more organic savor since it is all in the hemp family. Then why not give the juicy jay papers a try, you might like them!

For this process you also need another CBD flower tool to do this efficiently \’\’and without making a mess. A rolling tray will complete your set-up. Dr. Strains CBD has a variety of designs to suit your fancy.

Or maybe you want to really jazz up your smoke experience \’\’and get a silicone h\’\’and pipe, that’s right, silicone so it does not break on the first drop.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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