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cbdCBD Flower Trending for Millennials

CBD Flower Trending for Millennials

Every generation now has a clique name to it, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and so on and so forth. But today we are talking about, to use Millennial language, CBD flower trending for millennials.

Unfortunately, millennials are subject to a negative reputation but in reality, the millennials are compassionate, progressive, and innovative problem solvers. And here is another unexpected truth – the millennials are fueling the ambition for all things CBD. They are actually becoming the backbone of the hemp industry. It is true that CBD hemp buds trending for millennials in their way and on their platform. And there is a reason for this.

Exactly Who are the “Millennials”?

Millennials are the demographic group between Generation X and Generation Z. Millennials, often called Generation Y born between 1981 to 1996. This is something you may not know, the millennials are the largest living adult generation, slightly surpassing Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964.

The label on millennials consists defines them as being easily offended, entitled, lazy, and dodging responsibility. But as we mentioned above, they are also thoughtful, compassionate, and persistent problem-solvers. They are interested in many societal issues to the American people, exploring subjects like racial and ethnic diversity and they are the new CBD hemp flower trending millennials movement.

The smokable CBD hemp flower trending for millennials was roughly $71 million at the close of 2019 making for a 500% increase from 2018. One research company discovered a fast-growing trend among retail shops that sold CBD, smoke shops, spas, and natural-food stores to find out what was driving sales. CBD hemp flowers drove sales and millennials took the high of the consumers. The early high school smoking scene influenced the millennials just like the CBD hemp flower trending for millennials environment is driving the market. But now, being more health-minded, smoking CBD hemp flower is an option to wean off of nicotine.

CBD Flower Trending for Millennial’s Beauty, Health and Wellness

After hiding in plain sight for decades now, CBD made it to the mainstream beauty, health, and wellness industry. Millennials are interested in these industries.

Pain Management – Even though millennials are still considerably young without the aches and pains of the elder years, research shows that CBD hemp flower trending for millennials seeking relief for the pain of injuries sustained in their college years and early career pursuits. Pain management has given CBD its therapeutic edge.

Depression and Anxiety – CBD hemp flower trending for millennials also hit a hot switch with trying to self-manage their anxiety and depression.  There are other mental and emotional issues needing mood stabilization for which CBD hemp flower has a high 90% of resolution for millennials.

Beauty — CBD has known impacts on conditions such as eczema, acne, and rashes which ultimately are caused by underlying skin inflammation. CBD is particularly strong as an anti-inflammatory agent.  Beauty wellness ranked in the third position for those topics most talked about for the millennials with a 92% positivity.

“The Millennial” of it All Last Words

The millennial may be under more scrutiny than other generations or it may be a different type of examination. In any case, they have survived misrepresentation and many are thriving personally and career-wise as well. Then CBD flower came along and gave them the options they are looking for in health and recreation. CBD flower trending for millennials is the natural course it should take because millennials have the drive and courage to explore.

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