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hemp flowerHemp Flower “White Out” — White Whale CBG, White Tiger CBG, White CBG, White Frost CBG

Hemp Flower “White Out” — White Whale CBG, White Tiger CBG, White CBG, White Frost CBG

Hemp flower white out is looking at those exceptional flowers with potency as well as beauty. It is not only CBD that gives potency to hemp flowers but there is an amazing terpene profile as well that gives many savors.  Now, we have another cannabinoid that is rising up fast in the ranks to compete with CBD.  This cannabinoid is CBG.

Hemp Flower “White Out” – White Whale CBG

White Whale CBG hemp flower is tagged by many as “The Mother of Cannabinoids”. Do you know why? If a hemp flower is allowed to go to full maturity, the CBG converts into CBN, CBC or CBD.  The hemp flower must be harvested early in order to preserve the CBG cannabinoid.  CBD flower white out brings to you the White Whale strain, a sure-fire favorite.

The light green buds are covered with frosty trichomes that proves the name of White Whale. This strain has a light citrus taste \’\’and provides a relaxed stress-free feeling after a smoke. Without doubt it is a top shelf CBD hemp flower.

Growers across the United State nurture this strain which is rich in terpenes \’\’and includes all the entourage of effects. White Whale CBG buds test between 13 – 18% CBD content \’\’and always with less than 0.3% THC.  Frosty white trichomes provide a potent citrusy aroma that also provokes a relaxed experience. Wind down into the weekend with White Whale CBG Flower

Hemp Flower “White Out” – White Tiger CBG

White Tiger CBG hemp flower is an exquisite strain which is the result of many generations of hard-working cultivators breeding different strains. Hemp flower white out shows White Tiger as giving amazing body relief from aches \’\’and pains.  Then when pain is relieved, you will have a better night’s sleep with more relaxed sleep.

Its flavor profile lays out hints of buttery earth, fresh flower, \’\’and black pepper pops out at the end of a smoke. This CBG cannabinoid is studied for its unique properties \’\’and must always be included in your daily existing natural wellness routine.

These trichome-rich buds are unique because a sheer white veil of frost covers them as the glory of this ivory sparkles. But then, you crack open the bud \’\’and it is drenched in snowy crystals inside.

White Tiger’s smooth \’\’and spicy flavor with undertones of skunk \’\’and earth aromas make for an intense flavor profile equally appealing to its visual \’\’and aroma profiles. The aroma profile also includes spicy, skunky, herbal, earthy, peppery \’\’and citrus.  White Tiger’s effects can be subtly cerebral \’\’and euphoric.  Hemp flower white out shows the genetics of White Tiger CBG has these outst\’\’anding terpenes — Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene.

Hemp Flower “White Out” – White CBG

The White is a potent indica-hybrid hemp flower white out strain known for having a distinct lack of odor or flavor.  White strain was originally referred to as “Triangle” maybe because of the three terpenes of Caryophyllene, Myrcene \’\’and Limonene

The White CBG Flower is grown in Oregon \’\’and has potent notes of kush, fuel, cilantro, \’\’and gas. White CBG hemp flower brings on relaxation \’\’and give you the valuable unwind for the end of the day. 22.2% cannabinoids round out this unusual flower

White CBG is a flower for the smoke \’\’and vape of it all.  Since CBG oil is still relatively smoking hemp flower gives you the entire range of health benefits.  Particularly with CBG, it is best to consume it in a smoke or dry vape to take advantage of all the compounds working in synergy for the full-spectrum Entourage Effect.

White CBG is covered with white trichomes that make the buds look like they were rolled in sugar, \’\’and features Guaiol, Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, \’\’and Humulene as its primary terpenes, giving it a light woody, chamomile profile. This is usually the point where we start extolling the virtues of big flavor \’\’and dank, pungent nugs, but not so with White CBG.

The pleasingly subtle aromas overpowering but they are powerful with a less is more sensation. CBG White’s terpene profile gives a scent that is gradually discovered as you open the bag. White CBG is for you as many love the “less is more”.

Hemp Flower “White Out” – White Frost CBG

This spicy lemon-flavored White Frost CBG hemp flower offers extensive, dynamic benefits \’\’and a smooth, distinct aroma. Hemp flower white out shows that this unique CBG product impacts your discomfort in body joins. It provides an overwhelming sense of relief all over your body. CBG registers at 13.18% in White Frost.

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