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cbdCBD For Sale Explodes the Hemp Flower Market

CBD For Sale Explodes the Hemp Flower Market

CBD for sale explodes the hemp flower market all over the United States, particularly in states which have accepted the 2018 Farm Bill legalization of hemp. Not all states grow hemp because of any number of reasons. But it is legal to buy \’\’and sell CBD hemp flower products. You may need to research to see if smoking hemp flower is legal as some stakes are balking on that because they feel it resembles marijuana too much.

CBD For Sale Explodes – A Snapshot of the Hemp Flower Market

According some, America is growing more hemp faster than the market can feasibly process \’\’and consume. This may be the reason that the cost has continued to decline. The wholesale prices may be dropping currently but as the market stabilizes, producers are looking for the drop to level off.

Regardless of product type or processing method, market flooding is the biggest factor behind CBD pricing. Cultivators can forecast 1,000 plants per acre \’\’and roughly 0.5 – 1 lb per plant that equates to 500 – 1,000 lbs per acre.  This can be doubled when planting earlier in the season but if that is flooding the market too much then there will not be a good profit margin.

CBD For Sale Explodes – The Growing \’\’and Harvesting Market Impact

After the hemp plant leaves the field, there are several important processes that go into making sure the product is of the best quality.

Pricing of Extraction

Carbon dioxide extraction is the safest method, but it is also the slowest \’\’and most expensive.  A 5-liter CO2 extraction machine cost is around $100,000 but the hydrocarbon machine is only around $20,000.

Machine vs H\’\’and Harvesting

Machine harvesting utilizes industrial devices to cut, collect \’\’and transport mature hemp biomass \’\’and it may be a significant layout but when h\’\’and harvesting takes more time but may be less expensive. The machine can cut a swath of 40 foot but it has the potential of shattering seeds \’\’and thus compromising quality. H\’\’and harvesting is the best method to protect the delicate flower heads with a more precise harvesting \’\’and in the end a higher profit.

Fast Dry vs Slow Curing

The next process in harvesting is an immediate transport of the harvested plant to a drying facility so that the majority of moisture can be removed. The facility must maintain temperatures between 60 degrees \’\’and 70 degrees during the slow curing process \’\’and humidity between 45 – 55%.

This process is vital to preserving volatile terpenes. At a temperature higher than recommended the terpenes will degrade.  Another point here is that when the temperature \’\’and humidity is right, the cannabinoid profile will continue increasing in potency. This in \’\’and of itself can warrant more money because the CBD concentration will be greater.

When the producers get anxious \’\’and try to use heated dryers \’\’and continuous air flow dryers to cure hemp more quickly may be efficient but has the potential of compromising the seed \’\’and plant. If the seeds are overheated, they may crack \’\’and that is not good.  Condensation without proper ventilation is also a concern because if condensation drips into the hemp bins, it has the potential of forming mold buildup on the plants.

CBD for sale Explodes the Hemp Flower Market — Vendors

The vendors of CBD have actually grown in number as fast as the hemp strains have multiplied. That may be good for the market but it makes the market vulnerable \’\’and too many times disappoints the customer. It is expensive to produce the products from the CBD hemp flower so they tend to be expensive to buy. Some vendors after a quick buck water down the product \’\’and sell it cheaper or some even for the same amount.

Know your vendor. Dr. Strains CBD is a dependable vendor who looks out first for the customer. They buy from small farms with farmers who specialize in care for their hemp crop. But they mark it with a price that is the best you will find.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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