CBD goes to the Zoo
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CBD hemp flower products have no limits when it comes to treating with it. Humans respond well to it and we have already talked about using CBD with our pets. Now there is some evidence that CBD oil quiets elephants, monkeys and other zoo animals when they are stressed because of captivity. So, let’s look at how CBD oil goes marching to the zoo.

CBD Goes to the Zoo – From Stressed to Calm

Two stressed African elephants were given CBD oil with the purpose to relax them so they would stop fighting. Another zoo recently announced an experiment with CBD to help improve the mood of the animals housed there. Some zoos have commenced a project to specifically compare before and after affects of CBD hemp oils on the mood of animals.

Why Elephant Stress?

When CBD goes to the zoo, changes may occur with elephants and other animals as they are stressed because of change of location or the death of a fellow herd member. CBD has no psychoactive properties, so it is safe for the animals as well as having the potential of being effective. Otherwise, the animal can struggle to adapt for weeks even to years. When an elephant, for example, suffers a significant change or loss, it can become aggressive towards other animals in an attempt to assert dominance.

Considering Elephant Intelligence

Elephants are intelligent animals with very complicated brains, and they are extremely social so any changes in the herd affects them significantly. The herd creates a sort of complicated complete organism. Considering this, a weather change or a change in hormone levels does not only affect one elephant, it affects them all.

CBD Goes to the Zoo – Understanding its Effectiveness

CBD is no snake oil fake substance neither is it an instantaneous miracle cure, even though it may seem like it is in some incidents. This hemp ingredient does have a wide spectrum of applicability in human medicine as well as in veterinary medicine.

CBD and Veterinary Science

Veterinary science is slightly behind human applications, but it is coming along so as an important natural substance in treating health and emotional needs. Several exotic animals at one safari park are being treated with CBD hemp plant oil with successes.

The park veterinarian has been experimenting with CBD treatment for anxiety and seizures with an ibex and a large goat as well as other animals. Over a period of six- or seven-months seizures have diminished by 95%.  Natural is always best report zoo and safari owners and medical personnel so when CBD has positive responses with the wild animals without anything hallucinogenic, everyone is onboard.

CBD Goes to the Zoo – Considering the White Tiger

When vets found a tumor in an 11-year-old white tiger she was diagnosed with cancer. A few months later and an operation uncovered melanoma. So far, CBD oil has helped with the pain, discomfort and appetite during this time.  The tiger’s caregivers are feeding the tiger with chunks of raw meat injected with CBD oil which he catches mid-air when tossed to him.

Since the white tiger grew up with a lion since a very young age, the lion suffers from anxiety when the tiger is taken to another area of the zoo. Now, the vet is treating this anxiety with CBD oil. This always has a calming affect for her.

CBD Goes to the Zoo – Considering the Python With a Tumor

Then there is the 16-foot-long python in a zoo park with a large cancerous tumor. The treatment of CBD oil eventually changed his diagnosis from terminal to alive, well and active.  You are no doubt having the same question as others, when CBD goes to the zoo, how is it administered?  For this python, he received the CBD dosage through a frozen quail or rabbit carcass injected with CBD oil.  The snake digests the food over a period of several days which allow the absorption and metabolizing of the oil.

The snake’s tumor is much smaller following months of CBD accompanied with other medication. Now, additional research determine the percentage of CBD treatment that is best. Humans, mammals and reptiles all have an Endocannabinoid system. This proves the CBD has the same advantage to interact within the body.

The Endocannabinoid System Factor for Mammals ‘n More

Animals also have neuropathic issues and central nervous system disorders. CBD can be a key to changing the dynamic with arthritis, IBS, Crohns, Fibromyalgia. It also can impact and lessen seizures

Those in veterinarian science must exercise caution when selecting CBD product. Watered down CBD oil will not work and untested product could endanger the animal’s life. Be sure and purchase from vendors who have their product 3rd party tested for accuracy, cleanliness and potency.

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