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cbdCBD Hemp and Blunts or Hash of it All!

CBD Hemp and Blunts or Hash of it All!

CBD hemp blunts and hash are two ways of consuming CBD that also have other recreational benefits,. Whether known or not, these two hemp products are ones which have merits that do not need exaggeration.

CBD Hemp Blunts

Blunt wraps have no tobacco, synthetics or additives. Blunts are made with all-natural, ground hemp bud. They are also infused with extra CBD but below the legal limit of THC. The blunts can be flavored and when you purchase them you have a choice of flavors. The smoking experience resembles an old-school smoking event.

There is a variety of ways to smoke the blunts. They are generally bigger in circumference so will be enough for two or three smoking times unless you want to use one blunt for a joint session of friends each taking a puff at the blunt.  You will enjoy the relaxation and calm from CBD in this form as well as other ways to consume CBD.

A blunt is simply a paper or wrap with CBD hemp rolled inside.  This is a product that you can purchase, or you can roll your own with your choice of ground hemp nug. Some are so fascinated with the vaporization process that they overlook the art of rolling.

The paper used to roll the blunt can be flavored as well however, it may counter the CBD hemp flavors and savors. Rather than figuring all the complexities of paper, flavors and ground hemp nug, there are blunts for purchase.

CBD Hemp Hash

Hash is a hemp produced from the trichomes on the flowering tops of female hemp plants. These resinous glands contain the highest concentration of the two most commonly occurring cannabinoids, THC and CBD.  So, hash can contain a high THC concentration 20% and 60%. However, if you do not want the “high” from THC, you can procure hash from strains that are more abundant in other cannabinoids such as CBD. This hemp hash has content up to CBD hemp hash22% CBD and THC under 0.2%.

Hash also contains a higher concentration of terpenes which work synergistically with CBD to enhance the effects. Terpenes provide the aromatic savors as well.  Hash is made from compressed or purified preparations of trichomes from hemp strains which naturally are heavy trichome producers. There are variables, however like a oily to pasty to dry to sticky consistence. The color is light to dark brown in color or it can vary to a black, red or even transparent.

CBD Hemp Hash Types

Traditional Hash — Dark brown balls covered with a greasy film are made by separating the trichomes from the rest of the plant by hands or by dry-sifting the flowers and pressed together.

Bubble Hash — Bubble hash or ice water hash is made by washing the trichomes off the flower with ice cold water and subsequently filtering them through a fine net-type bag. It can be sticky to a fine dry powder consistence and from light to dark in color.

Using CBD Hemp Hash

CBD hemp hash is popular and simple to produce. Basically, you just rub the crystals off your hemp buds and compress them.  CBD hemp hash is versatile. It can be crumbled and smoked in a joint or pipe or it can be vaped.  If you want to vape to invest in a good one even though more expensive. The CBD hash for vaping must be free of contaminants.  You will also want to use powdery CBD hash or referred to as pollen CBD hash rather than the sticky type.

My CBD “Blunt” Last Words

CBD hemp blunts and hash are used by many in the hemp community and for good reason. It is a way to have pleasure and health benefits at the same time. This has been said before but bares repeating. There are so many health benefits and benefits that last and heal something deep inside the body.

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