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hemp flowerCBD Hemp Flower and the Drug & Opioid Crisis

CBD Hemp Flower and the Drug & Opioid Crisis

Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved one drug with CBD hemp flower as an ingredient to use for seizures. Other than that FDA remains silent as to any claim that it will help, cure and minimize any condition or ailment. However, like many other natural curatives, CBD in all its variety of delivery methods has been proven over and over by a host of people to eliminate pain, be a mood stabilizer, and correct other imbalances in our often abused bodies.

Can CBD Hemp Flower Make a Difference?

The opioid crisis along with other drug addictions is only one among many others that CBD has made a difference. We will not say here there CBD will cure your opioid addiction but small independent studies have proved that CBD mitigated cravings for any number of drugs.

There is one simple fact and that is that CBD, whatever delivery method is used, interacts with the Endocannabinoid System which we all have in our bodies. Disease, environmental factors, illnesses and the bad way we mal-nourish our bodies all create an imbalance in our bodies. Drugs is one of the things that destroys bodies and minds, and this is pharmaceutical drugs as well as street drugs.

Cravings Come from Imbalance

When our body is out of balance, we have cravings that we would not normally have. When we use drugs to satisfy those cravings, it does not satisfy them, it simply heightens the craving for it.

CBD Hemp Flower Difference is Significant

There are many CBD hemp flower strains which are anti-anxiety for those suffering from chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Some of the studies that have been done with opioid users gave an anxiety-driven trigger that would have led them to use drugs. Part of the group were given placebos and the other part were given CBD hemp flower. The participants who received the CBD experienced significant less craving even though they had the same trigger.

The mere fact that CBD hemp flower is proven to alleviate anxiety, is more than enough reason for it to be considered if someone is truly trying to absolve themselves from the terrible addiction of drugs and opioids. This also is significant for someone who does not want to relapse into opioid or drug use.

Anxiety May Drive How We Feed Our Cravings

Too many times we “feed” our body dependent on the level of our anxiety at the moment. For those prone to overeating, they will go for whatever they can find in the refrigerator. For those prone to taking drugs, drugs and opioids will be what they “feed” their anxiety with.

My “All Things Crisis” Last Words

Let’s be clear, the information here is not to lead anyone to think that you can down CBD drops or capsules or CBD infused baked goods or a smoke from a hemp pre-roll and your addiction will magically disappear. That is not how it works. CBD hemp flower balances or creates homeostasis in your body. That means, calm rather than anxiety, relief from pain, a mood that is stabilized and an improved mental focus. But these things happen over time and with consistent use.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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