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cbdCBD Hemp Flower Goes to Vertical Farming

CBD Hemp Flower Goes to Vertical Farming

CBD hemp flower goes to vertical farming is no surprise as farmers are attempting to make the best of the acreage that they have.  It is a good choice because many hemp plants produce better more luscious flowers when grown inside away from the environmental elements. The vertical farming can help save our cultivated crops \’\’and to get the maximum output to provide the consumers who are becoming a growing part of the population.

CBD Hemp Flower Goes to Vertical Farming – Which?

The next question — what is the inside story of vertical farming \’\’and how is it done?  There is an art to it \’\’and some strains of hemp flower grow very tall so would not work in vertical farming. The hemp flower strains that have big buds \’\’and are short stocky plants will be the best choice for vertical farming. These stocky hemp plants also have fewer leaves \’\’and need fewer leaves so less defoliation needs to be done.  A note here is that some farmers may not be confident defoliators, so this is something to consider also.

Choose Short Bushy Strains

These particular strains will mature into a flower before gaining much height in the vegetative stage. It is also advantageous to vertical farming to choose the strains which are mostly disease resistant. Vertical farming is designed to maximize space on many levels, but it is important to be able to see the entirety of the plant to prevent unnoticed mold or mildew time to spread.

CBD Hemp Flower Goes to Vertical Farming – Set-up

Developing a vertical farm for your indoor grow trumps many other methods because it can double the growing space in comparison with horizontal methods.  CBD hemp flower goes to vertical farming with the advantage number one as multiple harvests a year. Some farmers use a converted shipping container which gives total control over light, humidity, water \’\’and the environment.  Electricity is always a concern so it is important to know, there actually may be a reduced electricity bill.

Limit to Two Tiers to Beginning

Two tiers are within code compliance for maintaining structural stability. It is generally recommended to have the lowest tier to be 1 foot off the ground \’\’and then allow 4 feet to 5 feet between the next tier. Access to the second tier is simpler \’\’and accomplished with a rolling ladder. Creating a consistent temperature as well as sufficient air-movement with 2 tiers is better than with 3 tiers.


LED lights are best because they will not burn the plant at close range.  In a vertical setup, you need the extra space for grow room that other types of light would need.  It’s more convenient to access each tier when the tiers are closer together. Easier access means better plant care, \’\’and thus improved quantity \’\’and quality.

CBD Hemp Flower Vertical Farming — The Need for Space

Hemp farmers want to maximize their profits \’\’and there is nothing wrong with that. But when CBD hemp flower goes to vertical farming it is not all about profit. It is partially about also growing the best plant possible for the consumer. It is better not to compromise the health \’\’and well-being of the plants \’\’and the convenience of the workers \’\’and growers. Among other things that need to be done to take care of the 2 tiers of hemp plants, grow trays will need to periodically be removed, cleaned \’\’and replaced. Space is needed to accomplish all this care.

Designed to Manage Wastewater

Each hemp farmer will need to find out what the requirements are from their municipality to dispose of nutrient waste \’\’and how much can go down the drain. Floor drains are, of course, the most convenient \’\’and inexpensive.  However, if your municipality requires the discarded water to be treated first then another step will be required to comply. Some treating discarded water systems may require pumps \’\’and holding tanks for runoff. Considering this, it is even more complicated with the more tiers you have. This is another reason to start small in the lunch of vertical farming.


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