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cbdCBD Hemp Flower Industry “Trending”

CBD Hemp Flower Industry “Trending”

CBD hemp flower industry trending is an important discussion to have for so many in the hemp industry. It is a relative new industry as far as a national \’\’and global product. Just since 2014 when the first legalizations started \’\’and cross breedings began as researchers \’\’and scientists went to work, we have learned a great deal. The more work that hemp farmers \’\’and researchers do, it changes the projectory of the hemp industry. Here are some interesting trends to watch.



  • Prices Adjust Downward
  • The Multiplying of Products
  • From the Shadows to the Sunlight
  • It is a Growing Niche
  • Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


The CBD hemp flower industry may have been a fledgling pre-2018, but today it is close to being a mainstream product in non-specialty stores. Without doubt, there is a growing positivity surrounding the industry in general medicinally as well as recreationally.

CBD Hemp Flower Industry — Prices Adjust Downward

CBD pricing is trending downward partly because the market has grown so much \’\’and partly because hemp farming has exp\’\’anded to almost every state. So there is more product to meet the dem\’\’and for the many products which are entering the mainstream flow of products. If you want the best price for quality product, then Dr. Strains CBD is the dispensary for you.

CBD Hemp Flower Industry — The Multiplying of Products

It started as a CBD tincture, one product, one dosing method. The CBD hemp flower industry has exp\’\’anded into multiple markets as well as having multiple dosing methods for each. You might ask, “why is it necessary to keep adding products?” The answer is two-fold. The consumer likes to have multiple choices, that is simply their nature.

The second part of the answer is some products work better for some consumers than others. When I first started my journey with CBD, it took several attempts at products before I found the one or ones that worked for my osteoarthritis pain \’\’and depression \’\’and anxiety challenges.

Dr. Strains CBD has an inventory of CBD hemp flowers that covers smoking \’\’and vaping options to dose as well as all the accessories you will need. But they go further than that. They also have a selection of topicals which can be so helpful to not only treating skin problems from inflammation \’\’and beyond. Also, the topicals can be useful for applying on joints which are arthritic.

But they go further with some choices of edibles. The CBD oil capsules are particularly important because they are convenient to carry with you if you need to dose through the day. Then there is my favorite, the CBD-infused gummies. They are delicious as well as simple to dose with. Generally considered to be an edible that has to go through your digestive system, just place it under your tongue \’\’and let it dissolve into the gl\’\’and that carries it to your bloodstream.

CBD Hemp Flower Industry — From the Shadows to the Sunlight

CBD hemp flower continually enters new markets, but it also develops new solutions to old problems that have be a chronic condition for multitudes of individuals. This shows how the CBD hemp flower industry is going mainstream by leaving the shadows \’\’and entering the sunlight.

CBD has gone mainstream in two different ways. First, the CBD hemp flower industry is entering new markets including beauty products \’\’and alternates to smoking. Second, it is occupying a higher street presence in coffee shops \’\’and bars which are adding CBD related drinks to their menus. Some bars even allow CBD vape oil vaping inside

It’s pretty fair to say that the CBD e-commerce business is booming in brick \’\’and mortar stores \’\’and online as well. For those who live in states that forbid hemp, individuals can still purchase it online because interstate commerce is legalized.

CBD Hemp Flower Industry – It is a Growing Niche

From athletics to mental wellness \’\’and on to the medical world, CBD hemp flower industry marches confidently forward. CBD hemp flower alleviates stress \’\’and anxiety before athletic competitions. It also helps with muscle recovery after intense workouts.

The medical world has largely failed to address many mental illness challenges across the board. CBD hemp flower is notable for mood \’\’and anxiety stabilization CBD hemp flower has so many methods of delivery to indulge one in self-care \’\’and enhance mental wellness.

The CBD hemp flower industry has made enough of a splash to cause the medical world to start clinical trials as well as already approving a drug made with a CBD hemp flower for seizure control.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”

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